Ammo Boots

From another thread, but I thought I might repost here

Ammo boots, part of one of my favourite military memories.

The scene, wet weather Wings Parade in a hangar at Middle Wallop circa '77/78. Some bright spark has ordered the hangar floor to be scrubbed.
40 years of engine oil soaked concrete is now perspiring gently.

Parade forms up and begins the march past.
The left wheel is impossible to hold due to centrifugal force.
The left turn for the march past results in more fallers it's begining to look like the grand national.

The right turn at the end of the march past is misjudged with two file passing down one side of a flag carrying WRAC marker and one down the other. With a few judicious elbows the flag is waving around like a belly dancers arse.

Finally after more fun and games comes the advance in review order.
At the halt all those wearing ammo boots having less surface area to grip the oily surface slide well forward of the line with arms windmilling crazily in an attempt to keep upright.

The reviewing officer who clearly had a great sense of humour declared it to be the best parade he had ever attended.
The RSM's view was unrecorded!!!!

From a REME perspective after being forced into best kit for an Army Air Corps event, it made it all worth while. The very definition of schadenfreude.


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312 got theirs in Stockwell Hall, ISTR. None of that marching-about shenanigans.
Ammo boots, part of one of my favourite military memories.
Never issued real ammo boots, but would have my composite sole boots re-soled with heel cleats and toe caps. Sounded great on concrete and armoury floors, but required learning how to walk without sliding and being careful on stairs. Made the boots heavier, too. But to me, it always sounded more military.


PS: The gif didn't work for me.
Genuine question;

Many many moons ago I had a posting to RAF Odiham, and at the time, they were paranoid about us wearing Ammo boots anywhere near the aircraft. Something about sparks and any POL on the floor. Was this wet-blanketry or has someone learnt a hard but important lesson since the events in the OP's post?
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