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Mech_Not_Tech said:
Any Body know The best place to get Ammo Boots Fairly Cheap am only a poor Lance Corporal and cant afford the sites i have found on the net.
I got a mint pair 25 squid..... Field Textiles....?
Ebay. I got mine for £21 including postage. One of them needs a bit of work while the other needs completly re-building up. Make sure you get full studs though. They're a pain to replace.
You might like to try - Soldier of Fortune - Yeah I know it's a "Walt" site, but they stock ammo boots in good condition (ex-Guards I believe) and you can buy on-line OR over the phone for next day delivery. Got mine from them and they are in good nick, just need a little bulling. :wink:
Get a nice pair of dms from an army surplus store 5-10 quid, you can get the soles and segs put on at any good cobblers for 20 quid and then its up to you to get them to the standard you want, plenty of beeswax and polish and bobs your mothers brother.
Hi guys I need anmmo boots too, rang around a couple of shops including soldier of fortune and have got nothing so far, any more ideas of where i could get a pair in reasonable nick?


Grief, just looked at the prices on Ebay. I binned mine not long ago! Tiple soled as well! :cry: :cry:
Whilst on the subject of boots, does every unit have their own preferences as what can be used for parade boots?

I have a pair of assault boots that I have been working on however I can not get the polish to stop cracking just above the toe cap every time I move!!

I know that a lot of people talk about ammo boots, I have seen a few pairs knocking about and they look good and the makeup of them looks like they will be easier to bring up to a good standard after beeswaxing etc.

Any help much appreciated
hey guys,
i sell ammo boots, i burn them down beeswax em and bull them to high standards. i will try get them in your size if requested and if need be you can send me your boots to be done. so if you would like to enquire please drop me an email at
if you would like some pics of some boots that i have done just drop me an email
The tailors shop at Blandford Camp Royal School of Signals will be able to sort you out with a pair. They also sell good second hand Mess Dress and Service Dress at very good prices.
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