Ammo Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jonathan_C, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy a new pair of ammo boots? Also, do they come pre-shined to a high standard and, if not, where are the best places to go to get them looking good?

    I am getting married in May and would like to wear some decent boots as opposed to just bulling issued ones.
  2. flea bay ? :?
  3. Have you got any friendly guardsman nearby?
  4. If i remember correctly im sure there is at least one or two members on here that offer a beeswaxing service, which is what you want for a good shine,
    As for the ammo boots not entirely sure where to find them although i managed to find a seller using google.

    a quick google search showed up this seller.

    maybe not the best place, but if you use the shopping function on google search it should help narrow down results.
  5. Have tried Ebay mate, didn't have any joy there. Found one company that does second hand boots 'in excellent condition' but then the descriptions go on to say how they're missing several studs etc.

    No Guardsmen round here unfortunately!

    I haven't looked in Soldier mag yet...
  6. Cheers Tank that looks pretty good, will explore further.
  7. What size boots are you after?
  8. Hasnt the beeswaxing of boots been done to death here? With the smoothing of the leather process before the beeswaxing which shrinks and hardens the leather beforehand?
  9. I think the_butler still posts here, although he calls himself T_B or something after his spat with Fally, he knows about bulling footwear (sorry I can't be more specific)
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    There's some place called squaddiekit that sell patent leather ammo boots. Not seen them in the flesh so don't know if they are made in sweatshops from recycled cardboard.
  12. Yes I am still here and still beeswaxing kit.

    They have brand new boots in the military boot section.

    You will have to put in the hard work you self but no need to smooth the leather with a hot spoon.
  14. Or pay the_butler to do it for you.

    Shameless plug but my mess wellies are awesome.
  15. A brand new pair of ammo's are quite horrible to look at, the soles are single layer and you look like coco the clown, get them doubled or trebled up. This gives the boot rigidity and wont allow them to bend and crack your hard work. All the leather is dimpled other than the toe cap, all the dimples need smoothing down before waxing and bulling.

    Bollocks, borrow a pair.