Ammo Boots

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by the_penetrator, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Background: I'm a STAB who's been in for almost four years, big fancy parade coming up, just been issued a set of 2s, and theres a good chance I'll be getting my first stripe.

    So id thought id get a decent set of boots. Now I know how to look after my normal boots, and after seeing my new ammo boots arrive I'm a bit confused. The heel and cap are everyday leather, which I should have no problem shining up but everything else is a kind of mottled leather.

    So far my google search has revealed that I should do something involving fire. Would someone kindly explain why most of the boot looks like this, and how to make it super shiny like everyone elses.
  2. Try the stickies at the top of the training wing forum
  3. The Butler has an excellent, blow by blow, instruction on this very subject.

    Seek and ye shall find.
  4. Thanks very much, butler does seem to have a few good guides out there. However it appears I'm going to need to buy beeswax at short notice, me being without my own bee hive and all. So do any shops sell this stuff on the high street?
  5. Try a cobblers
  6. Although it seems ive got a fair bit of work before me, at least I know what I should be doing roughly. Thanks everyone.

    Just the last remaining question. Why are the boots made up of two very different textures?
  7. To give you something to do in your spare time
  8. In my day it was only the drill perverts who burnt down the pimples and bulled all over. An ordinary shine on the pimples should be enough for anyone these days.

    And you don't actually need beeswax. Just use Kiwi Parade Gloss boot polish for everything.
  9. I thought boots now came sans pimples - and with comfey inserts in the heel to prevent something H&E-like.
  10. burning them down is half the fun!!! :)

  11. You don't know much about this, do you.
  12. It is possible to get bees wax through the system. A mate of mine does/did alot of burning down for people, especially people around the Sandhurst Area. He got his bees wax through the QM (T) i believe.

  13. And then a semi over the sea cadets :)
  14. He's seen the future. We all need to stop pissing about with bulling things.
  15. Has anyone actually seen a pair of these patent leather ammo boots? What are your thoughts etc?