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I've been told 2 methods for sorting out ammo boots. Both are more or less the same, burning them down etc, but with one major difference. One of them is burning beeswax straight into the leather the other is using a mix of 50% polish, 50% beeswax. Anyone got any further insight? It would be appreciated.

Why are you asking? You seem to be bragging about how ace you are in the thread linked above.

But seriously, fill them with wet sand, start to attack with a blow torch but don't shrink/burn the leather all you're doing is heating them up to melt beeswax into them. Once the Beeswax has melted into the leather go over them again to make sure it's all melted in. The boots will be dull but once cooled rock hard and shouldn't bend and crack. Just a case of putting in the hours with black kiwi, a clean cotton cloth (white PT vests are tops for this) and some cold water.

The new issue ammo boots come treble soled and are made out of smooth leather, so should be easier to bull up. There is a risk of shrinking the leather too much with the old type as you burn off the dimples.

By the way has anyone got a pair of unabused old issue ammo boots in a size 10 or 11 M? I need a pair with dimples and without the treble sole, preferably unstudded too.
I seem to remember a similar technique but the boots were stuffed with wet newspaper. (Really stuffed, hammered in with bits of wood). The bees wax was mixed with something called heel bone (I think). The whole effect was to make the boots so uncomfortable as to be unwearable. But they never cracked.



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Tp tip: Rather than using a blow torch use an iron, just don't use the same iron later on the Missus's best white limen. I've used irons on Shoes Highland, Purses Highland (ie the brown leather sporran) and I've seen them used on the old ammo boots.
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