Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cpl.patel, May 21, 2007.

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  1. hey guys,
    i sell ammo boots, i burn them down beeswax em and bull them to high standards. i will try get them in your size if requested and if need be you can send me your boots to be done. so if you would like to enquire please drop me an email at viranpatel92 @
    if you would like some pics of some boots that i have done just drop me an email
  2. How much for just normal ammo boots, happy to beeswax and bull myself.
  3. Are they as good as mine?

    (not the finished picture I might add) :D
  4. Butler,

    Spanking bull and I'm suffering from glare injury. Top job :lol:

  5. Looking at the size of your picture, you must have realy big feet.
  6. They were for a client I was going to enter into the spirit of the big feet thing but my kids read this occasionally :D
  7. (not the finished picture I might add)

    I take it that was the "before" picture and you will post the "after" picture once you have finished.
  8. Nice work the-butler! :D

    I see you have a penchant for Quality Street and a dislike of shelves/DIY/painting/woodwork....etc etc :wink:
  9. If they look like the_butler's how much??
  10. I have just moved and that is my shed. It is low priority just before the garden and just after building a bathroom cupboard, tiling the bathroom and more blooming shelves erected than the average g1098 store.
    But, my shed WILL be lovely cupboards chairs, electricity Sky TV!!!!
  11. the_butler
    My eyes! but then this is only to be expected of you.
  12. As they say
    "more work on the uppers"
    carry on
  13. Gents..
    With an impending appointment that I have finally run out of excuses to avoid.. can anyone shed some light as to the burning/beeswax process.

    I know it's been done a million times, but am concerned about burning up a new pair of ammo boots with a blow torch! I did find some other threads that mentioned packing with wet paper etc, but it wasnt clear as to how long and to what degree the heat should be placed on the boots.

    Regretfully I am senior and should know this kind of stuff but the whole shiney boots thing normally just doesn't fire my rockets.

    Many thanks.
  14. Agreed :D

    I nearly answered you then but it would be the death of MANY pairs of boots. It is a difficult job that can ruin your boots if you are not careful. If you are determined I can PM you a guide though I accept no responsibility for anything you may do to your boots or yourself. Considering I earn money doing this I should keep it quiet. :roll:
  15. I just noticed cpl.patel has 4 entries all saying the same thing and he never seems to reply. How rude 8O However I also Valet boots, shoes, sam brownes etc and I always reply.
    Check out my guide if you haven;'t already I have had a lot of people tell me how their boot skills have improved with it's help. (Doh loss of business there)
    The Butlers guide to shiny footwear :D

    If you just want boots check this out but ignore the morello adds PLEASE