Ammo Boots, Studs, George Boots and Sam Brownes

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by emptyeye, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. Guys

    I get many people ask me where to get Ammo Boots re-soled, re-studded etc, same goes for Brown shoes and George boots.

    I live in Portsmouth and I use a guy who is the ONLY one left who is the'old school' cobbler.

    This is not your 'Mr Minnit' sort of guy, much higher standard, if you want your boots/shoes done and quality work, this is the man for you.

    I have used him for years and there isnt any type of leather work he wont fix or repair.

    He has got every type of stud for ammo boots etc, every type of sole too, and he will try his best not to disturb your 'bull' when he fits them. He knows the sort of work that goes into best boots/shoes.

    I mentioned to him today about also 'clipping' Sam Brownes he said, all he needs is a photo of a 'clipped' one, and he will do them.

    I will pop in next week with my 'clipped' Sam Browne to show him.

    To give you an example of what I bought just today:
    1 Pair of Loakes Brown Brouges. Size 9 1/2 (sale price £40)
    Quarter Steel fitted to the heels £5
    Whistle and Strap sewn onto Sam Browne cross strap (PWRR Style) £5

    KW & P Burgess
    107 Clive Road
    PO1 5JD
    02392 822068
    07801 190296

    Hes no relation of mine, just a quality guy with quality work
  2. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    For a good cobbler in Aldershot, try Gordon Veitch (sp?) on 01252 677021. He'll box heels for spurs, do a proper re-soling job on leather soles and he also does a very decent vibram sole/midsole for your worn-out jungle boots.
  3. Sam Brownes are now cumming ready clipped, but if you have an old one i know you can get them done in Pirbright.
  4. Do you know what it costs?
  5. Does anyone know anyone in N Yorks area? who does re soles on ammo boots.
  6. Nothing in Catterick at all? How about the AADW?
    Give them a call
  7. I dont want to give the only set i have away, not knowing that they'll come back in the same condition, so all as i ask is for a some one who knows of a good Cobbler and who is AADW.
  8. Sorry:
    The AADW is the All Arms Drill Wing, as I recall from my distant past all arms drill course, they (Staff and students) will have an outlet to get thier crunches re-soled etc, the CQMS is probably the guy to talk to. Dont send them off, but ask them who they get thiers done by. It wont be military. It will mean a trip up I guess. Unless anyone else in your area reads this.
  9. Cheers Emptyeye, ill try that.
  10. Do you need the whole show? ie new soles, studs, steels etc? It might be worth looking at ammo boots on ebay or something, (might be cheaper) or try and get a pair from a friendly guardsman.
  11. Just checked back ,but ATR Pirbright are not back till Monday.
    The Sam Brownes were £15, that is the clip and the buckle is drilled and tapped so it can be dismantled without bending the belt. As for boots they go through our accom store for some bizarre reason. I will check with them next week and find who they send them to. Don't bother with the AADW at the moment they are upping sticks and on the move somewhere.
  12. Well the bad news is Timpsons have the contract for the boots, so if your boots are not on the books you can't get them done. So that will mean having to dig deep next time I knacker mine.
  13. Can anyone sourse a patent leather Sam Browne and Brown Shoes?

    People will laugh and call me a lazy heathen, but those same people will be happily bulling while I'm happily drinking. Each to their own I suppose!!!
  14. Well I know the spams have patent leather black shoes, so it wouldnt suprise me if they could come up with brown ones somewhere

    Love to see a patent leather Sam Browne, Ill give it a few years though, maybe it will be part of this 'new army' after all, we might even have to wear these due to the health and safety PC brigade!!


    We did mag to grid all the 'steel' buckles on webbing etc in favour of plastic ones, so never say never.

    But, will we see any 'best kit' in the years to come?