Ammo boots NSN query....

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MAD_FERRET, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. just been asked by one of our blokes, is their an NSN for ammo boots??

    Its late in the day for this year l thought, but lm sure l remember someone saying they could be got through the system???

    Any help ? PM me or stick it on the thread if you can help!!
  2. try and contact RMAS they have shit loads in there, if you know someone who is instructing there it may help you.
  3. used to be based near there, there used to be some old civvy that triple soled them, but hes jacked on all of us and gone to the big cobblers in the sky!!

    I will give their clothing store norman a buzz tommorow!

    good point, well presented!
  4. I think you can only get them through he system now if you are:

    A) Household Division

    B) Marines/ Navy

    C) About to attend an All Arms Drill Wing course (Snr or Jnr)

    It's just like trying to get the court mount backing for Medals, my unit as other's is no longer entitled to it (yet more cost cutting crap!) (unless ceremonial)
  5. dont even get me started on mounting medals!!

    lm about £100 out of pocket for full size and minitures this year -

  6. Think it is Household Div only. Why would the Marines/Navy need them?

    Certainly All Arms Drills Course would not be a justification surely?
  7. Boots, Ankle, GS
    8430 99 125 8846 will get you a size 9L

    Changing the last 2 digits should change your sizes. Have a look on a SCOC disk if you can get your hands on one.

    Jr and Snr Drill can be used as authority for ordering if you have an on side RQ.

    Hope this helps
  8. You can be issued Ammo boots at our gaff if you are pending Drill Cse. If you see the first episode of Commando, they were all issued Ammo boots for Drill.
  9. nice one cheers for all replys - nsn found, boots ordered!!
  10. I know guys who have been issued them for drill courses, the boots were not added to their 1157 though, when they did the course they had to hand them back!!! :x