Ammo Boots - Anyone Interested

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by billy-the-fish, May 19, 2008.

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  1. I've got a size 8, burnt down to a comfortable 7 1/2, tight 8, beeswaxed but require a bit of tender love and care (but not much!!).

    Got good boots on Maj Gen's Inspection but have been in wardrobe for past couple of years, leaving and have no longer any use.

    Anyone interested? Highest bidder to MDN's 'good causes' less postage.
  2. I also have a pair of size 9's.

    Again, not the greatest, but i'm sure the Butler could do a job :wink:
  3. Couldn't stretch them to an 11 could you? :(
  4. BUMP!

    I can't really believe there isn't a Guardsman/Infanteer out there who wouldn't want an extra pair of boots that are already bulled!

    Cummon the money is going to MDN charities at the end of the day.