Ammo, Afghanistan, Albania, Miami Beach & licensed masseurs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. in full (long article)
  2. Good grief does this article suggest that oversight of federal funding has been less than perfect...i am truly shocked. :roll:
  3. Oh its much worse than you think! For example it doesn't mention the fact that the ammunition consisted of a mix of brass and steel cartridge cases - in the same box!

    Does it matter? Only if the supporting fire guys have a weapons seizure when the assault troops are 20m from the enemy or the poor batsards are in a face to face fire fight! I put it to you M'Lud that it then becomes a whole world of sh1t!

    FFS will somebody up the CoC take this on - this really is serious - and on a large scale! A really large scale!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I can't say I'm terribly surprised, they did similar things to their own lads in the early days - unarmoured humvees, etc. Why not to a bunch of ragheads most of the US public don't care about or think caused 9/11? I just wonder who the little 22 year old American taizi is related to...
  5. Until the public realise that the ragheads are supposed to be supporting Friendly Forces - imagine waht the Coroner would say about said ragheads using sh1t ammo to support us!
  6. Right. I'm going to the States to set up an arms company.

    Some of the local Scots have loads of experiance supllying ammo, and they are going to need a job soon. Third of a billion doller contract, I'm there. I'll have no probs getting the contract.

    One hotel room for a night. $200
    Digital Camera. $150
    Hiring MDN for an evening $500

    Compromising pictures of a US Senetor. Pricelless.