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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by frenchie, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. ..hope no one had money on Khan.

    Knocked down in about 20 seconds by Breidis Prescott, fight ended at 54 seconds.

    End of his fighting career?
  2. Not a chance, this was his first Sky PPV fight, he's signed up and they'll now be going into operation damage limitations.

    It does mess up Skys plan of getting him in the ring with Hatton in the next year or so, and i think he'll have to continue progressing as i doubt Sky will want another couple of lesser opponents as nobody will pay.

    It's ashame really, he did have talent, i don't know where it went wrong for him to be so outclassed by a relative nobody, still Lennox Lewis had the same happen to him and he came back, but he lost about 4 years of his boxing career getting back up the ladder.
  3. LOL @ comparing Lennox Lewis to khan

  4. I was comparing the knockdown to how Lennox went down against a fighter he should have beaten with ease, it cost Lennox a good couple of years out of his career. That's as far as it goes, Lewis was the best heavyweight in the last 10 years, he could have dominated for another couple of years instead of retiring, and of course he was a world champion when it happened.
  5. Forgot to say, i would have compared him to Naseem Hamed, but he was up against a fighter who was one of the best, the same cockiness and glass chin applied to both though.
  6. Thats the lines I was thinking along really. Wonder if being smashed so hard will dent him mentally?
  7. The thing that annoys me about these guys (not enough to invite them for a match obviously) is the lack of humility. Surely it's better, psychologically, to say that their opponents are absolutely awesome and that they idolise them....but then subtly emphasise (ok - nor sure exactly how that works :D ) that the actual match is all about skill, strength and controlled brutality - tantalising the fans through brains not brawn). Ricky Hatton is an example of someone who does it very very well but Amir Khan seems to have become infatuated by the cult of celebrity (like so many boxers have) as well as the egomania of punching people in the face for living. I think most boxers' marketing skills are pretty poor and turn a lot of potential fans off - not helped by their managers! The British public like success but I really really hope Amir comes back with a bit more of a "normal" attitude. He's a nice lad but in danger of being spoilled. Perhaps this defeat is a good thing in the longer term.

    Here's to a better Amir Khan in the future.
  8. Took him longer to get into the ring than he actually lasted in there. Getting to be a bit of a show-boater.

    Was reading in the paper on saturday how he was looking forward to 'entertaining' the fans. Think he should of been concentrating more on the bout itself.

    Prescot was a bit of a wild slugger and i beleive Khan could of went further and got a result, although he would of had to work hard for it. They should of got him better fights beforehand instead of the people he's been up against so far.Hes coasted through a few fights. Not many have pushed him out of his comfort zone, maybe only the lad from glasgow.

    Khan has developed a cocky atitude and leaves his guard down a lot, and he payed the price for it lastnight. You learn a lot more when you lose a bout and hopefully this has brung him down a peg or two. Hopefully he'll come back sharper and a lot less cocky, otherwise he wont go much further. Be interesting to see who he's up against next.
  9. The real problem with boxing is that it is to some extent run by dim witted cnuts like Frank Maloney - who has the thinking capacity of a peanut and is likely to be eaten up by monkeys. He genuinely is a man who puts his mouth into gear before engaging his thinking part.

    The sport of boxing is no less exciting than it ever was, the lads in the ring do the business in the same way they have done for centuries, but boxing is no longer the number one man against man sport. MMA has taken over and an example this is the number of people attending the fights. Week in, week out there is no shortage of MMA fights across Britain, many of the fighters are people who would have previously headed for the boxing ring - but realise that there's more money and respect to be made from the cage and added to that, the promoters are much more down to earth, less arrogant and genuine good guys. Usually if you want a seat... you have to book early.

    As for Amir Khan.... yawn, he's promoters have done a good job of making him look like a complete and utter cnut. I'd fight him myself - even at my age... and I'd be pissed off if I didn't win... I've been hit harder by my daughter.
  10. Question should have been who had money on Precott to win @ 10/1 ?
    :D :D :D off down the pub!
  11. Bit premature, no?
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Have to admit, them's were my first thoughts. Just getting cynical in my old age I guess.

  13. Yeah, i should have said does, he'll be back, if he can get someone to train him properly and get some dedication into his comeback. The problem is that he'll be getting a new trainer soon i think, both Frank Warren and Amir Khan were pretty much blaming the new Cuban trainer as he picked Prescott for this fight.

    That was the worst bit for me, no real praise for Prescott or slating Khan for his performance and lack of defence, instead they give a snidey comment about the trainer picking a boxer who could actually fight.
  14. His career is over. Always has been a domestic level fighter only and finally the hype has been blown away.