Amir Khan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. just watched the young lad win once again & the nobody that he fought tonight had obviously not read the script as he lasted longer than a minute.

    now i do not doubt the potential of the lad but if they keep hand picking fights for him then i feel he will end up like all the recent british boxers have. i.e when they actually meet someone who can box they get a real hiding

    does anyone else see it this way or is it just me.

    like i said i think he could go all the way to the top but he needs a hard fight to bring him back down to earth
  2. I met Amir Khan a few months ago.He is a really lovely guy and i wish him well in everything he does
    the thing is he is so young so in my opinion i thinks its best to take things slowly rather than aim to high and things go wrong
  3. Did he lick your stretch marks before forcing his meaty chopper into your left ear and fcuking some sense into that retarded jellyfish that occupies your cranium and masquerades as your brain?
  4. I agree and wish we could banter this over a pint.
  5. Excuse me but i dont have stretch marks thankyou
    And no i dont put up with that kind of conduct thankyou :lol:
  6. And that was brought to you from the 'Frank Warren' of Pontypool.....I'd pay a million to watch him knock ten bells of fcuk out of you pentwyn.

    Anyway. Watched the scrap and thought the ref stopped it too early. His opponent may have been a no mark but I think he had a lot more fight in him and may well have got the balance if it was left for a couple more rounds. As AKTTE says, it will do Khan no justice whatsoever if his bouts are regarded as walk overs against poor quality fighters. Experience suggests a fighter needs an early challenge if he is going to reach the top as opposed to making mediocre money for the promoters as a 'get rich quick' scheme. Good luck to him but the boxing press placing him on the Hamed mantle this early is not a great idea. Give the guy a pukka scrap. Test his mettle early so he's not led up the garden path.
  7. Pentwyn, I also think you are The Princess of Window Lickers and I hope your uterus falls out of your clout and you die of frostbite of the gonads.
  8. On the other hand, the Williams vs Skelton fight was a belter! I wish Williams would pack in all that 'Inshallah' pish, but I was willing him to smash that dirty fighter Skelton in the last round. Damn close too.
  9. Also interesting to see Naseem Hamed again.

    I presume his comeback will be as a heavyweight.
  10. She doesnt have stretch marks because that would indicate she has bred. More chances of a member of 3 Para mortars giving birth. She did however send me a speshul picture of her wound. Feck knows why. Ive never asked for my email account to be bombarded with mong pics. If I did, I would have subscribed to

    Why the fcuk would someone send this????;

  11. Put it his way, if he stayed in the amature boxing environment and stood up for his medal - we would expect a better class of opponent.

    What he needs is some "Boxer" to kick his pampered arrse big time to learn how good he is.



    PS Spelling and beer don't mix
  12. Not seen him for a while. Has he 'bulked up' a couple of weights??? Is he retired or not?
  13. He was at ringside. Don't think he's officially retired, but he did look very heavy. Quite a contrast with Barry McGuigan, who still appears to be in good shape.
  14. I Sky plus'd it. I'll rewind it and have a gander. True about McGuigan though. I'll bet he could still run rings around most of his weight, young or old! Very old skool.
  15. naseem hamid claims to be coming back

    missed the heavyweight match being in blandford the signal died in the second although looked a dyer match