Amir Khan Vs. Martin Kristjansen

Any thoughts on who will win? Personally, I hope the Dane wipes the floor with the cocky little shit. Although I wouldn't call him that to his face.


It was an awesome fight and there is nothing quite like being at a live fight involving Khan(the cocky shit) in his home town.

I say good luck to him, if i had his talent i would be a cocky shit too.
No doubt Khan is a good boxer, technically Kristjansen was as good, but Khan had more strength and power.

At the moment Khan is a big fish in a small pond, but the boxing public will soon loose interest in him unless, he is put up against more challenging opponents.

Being cynical, its all about money.....easy route to the top etc; but I suppose thats the way its always been.
Hm, I'm not disappointed. It was a good display by Khan. I just don't agree with the big mouthing etc.
Good boxers have always been a bit gobby. You need to have confidence in yourself to be good. Muhamed Ali was known as the "Louisville Lip".
I think Khan can go all the way, his opponents are gradually getting better and so is he. He has learnt to pace himself and he is bigger than most guys in his weight (longer reach/taller).
I think he can be world champ. by the end of the year.
Also, it's nice to see top quality boxing on free TV.
I've always thought Joe Calzaghe has been a quieter boxer, except for this fight coming up with Bernard Hopkins. He knows he's got what it takes and doesn't exactly brag about it.

Better still. Stick Khan in the ring with this bloke.
Nikolai Valuev
Can't argue with any of that.
Calzaghe is the exeption to my rule.
I think because he is a quiet guy, it has taken longer for him to get the recognition he deserves. The boxing world thrives on hype and controversy, hence boxers like Khan will always steal the headlines.

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