Amir Khan v Willie Limond

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by legal_eagle, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. Just starting on ITV1

    Anyone watching it? I've got the laptop in front of me if anyone fancies a round by round discussion....
  2. Some are saying this is his first "real test". Is that a fair comment? I don't know that much about Willie Limond to be honest, how good is he?
  3. Limond's from Glasgow. He just has to imagine Khan jumping out of a Jeep Cherokee and setting himself on fire. "C'mon ya wee Muslim shiite". (rubbish pun I know)
  4. LOL! Are you watching it PD?

    It's fairly evenly matched at the minute...Limond just landed a good one on Khan, looked like it hurt him...
  5. Seems equal at the moment r6
  6. but he is down!
  7. And a standing count. That hurt him!!
  8. If he losses lets see who he blames it on. It obviously won't be down to him.
  9. He was lucky to make it through the 6th...
  10. go Khan, limond down
  11. Hell of a scrap this is turning out to be...tough b@stards the pair of them. Great comeback from Khan!
  12. Equal round?
  13. Yeah I reckon. Maybe a slight edge to Khan. That is one tough little Jock
  14. It's over!
  15. Strange win?