Amir Khan v Graham Earl

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Jimima_Shark, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Amir KO TKO

  2. Graham KO TKO

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  3. Amir on Points

  4. Graham on Points

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  1. OK So the mammoth night boxing is about to start. Amir has a massive future in front of him, but I just wonder if this is a fight too far for him.

  2. I take it all back!

    WOW! Fucking double WOW!
  3. was it worth watching
  4. I don't know what to do now for the next 6 hours!

  5. Money well spent to watch that then :roll:

    1 minute 12 seconds, he could of drawn it out a bit more.
  6. Just made a cup of tea and saw only the knock-down!
  7. In a word: NO! :D

    The kid just gets better and better...
  8. Would you?

    Boxers don't get paid for overtime... :roll:
  9. I wish I had waited to vote in my own poll until the end of the first round DOH!

  10. Sat down with a lager and didn't even pour it before the fight was finished.

    Top job all round by Amir:)
  11. Earl is'nt living in the real world; complaining about the Ref. stopping the fight and claiming he could have gone onto to win it! 8O

    The tw@t's lucky he's not in the nearest ICU!
  12. I had all my Fight drinks and snacks set up and my mates round adn i hadnt even had 2 sips of my drink lol Looking Forward to Ricky Hattons fight,and i put a fiver on Hatton to win.
  13. Yeah, he got caught early there - there's nothing he could've done.
  14. Seconded. The Ref was absolutely right to stop it when he did. Earl could have been seriously fcuked up.