Amir Kahn - 9th Fight tonight

Amir faces his 9th pro fight tonight, live on ITV. Is he going to learn from last time and get his guard up and his chin down, or is he going to get clocked
Agree with you there scouse. At the end of every fight Frank Warren promises a 'very classy' fighter for Mr. Khan's next fight. Then up steps a 17 year old 5ft2 fighter to really test khan! Its beyond a joke now, khan himself must be fuc*in embarassed when he hears about these guys he has to face. Not much of a test for him is it. Yet everyone goes on about what a great fighter he is. The only half decent fight he has had was against Mario Kindelan of Cuba (whos about 40 now!)

Cheers Easy!
I think at the moment they'll continue to feed amir with easy(ish) fights, the reason for this i suspect is to bulk out his record a bit for when he fights some well known american.

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