Aministrator Restrictions in Email

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Dennis48, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. I'm running Microsoft Outlook (Office XP Pro) on Windows 7 x64 bit, e-mail works a treat but if I get a link to a site contained within the e-mail I keep getting this message when trying to connect to the site. " This operation has been cancelled due to the restrictions in effect on this computer. Please conact your system administrator". Any ideas on how to fix this problem apart from firing it out of the window?
  2. It appears that you do not have administration rights.

    Is this PC at work or home?

    If it's a work PC the answers obvious...

    If it's your own PC try this:

    Boot into 'Safe Mode' by pressing F8 when Windows begins to load, and you'll be given a list of boot options, one of which is 'Safe Mode'.

    Select that and the 'Administrator' account should appear on the login screen.

    Once you've signed in as 'Administrator':

    1. Right-click on “My Computer”
    2. Click on “Manage”
    3. Expand Local Users and Groups
    4. Click on “Groups”
    5. Double click on “Administrators”
    6. Click on “Add”
    7. Enter your account name that you want to administrative privileges to.
    8. Click “OK”

    Now reboot your machine normally, and the account you selected should now have administrative access.
  3. Thanks for the info Arte, it is my home PC tried what you suggested but still had problems. After much searching I manage to find this page and cured the problem.

    Windows XP File Assocation Fixes