Amicus/Unite Do they owe me money?

I was what was proved in court to be Unfairly Dissmissed last year from my old employer (involved in manufacturing, motor insudstry). I won the tribunal last week. Its was a 3 day trial but on day 2 the judge, without listening to my witnesses made it clear i had won and a 3rd day was not needed. So my ex employer settled.

Thing is, i joined the Union at my old work and was told they will cover all legal expences for tribunals. The union solicitors in brum centre said i didnt have a case. She also said in the letter she sent me, "i have not saw the minutes to the appeal" but would not reconsider after i tried to send them her. The union at regional level, full time official, who previously said i have a great case then said he can only take the advice of the solicitors....which in mine, the judge, my solicitor and the union reps from work that represented me in my dissiplinarys opinion, was very bad advice that ultimatly cost me 3.3k to go private.

She quoted the law in her excuse, didnt pick up the fact there were conflicts in their witness statements and that there were breaches that could possible make it an automatic unfair dissmissal. But the judge said on day 2 this is an open and shut case, settle now or have it against you.

I have 2 Amicus shop stewards who were at court with me willing to argue my case to their Union bosses. Its seems they will take you £2.50 per week, leave the work reps to deal with you then when it comes to spening money at court they dont want to know. Have i got a case to recover the money i lost in anyones experiance/opinon?


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Bit late now but when you settled, you should have had your costs added to the settlement.

As to the union, they have rules; which move to suit them, in my experience.
My best hope is probbaly to get my old work mates to kick up a fuss and put pressure on them as it could happen to them too and they are the ones currently paying for a service they most likely will not get.

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