Discussion in 'RLC' started by Chief_Trog, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Do you remember AMF(L)?

    Did you serve in AMF(L)?

    I need some help. Being a sad tw@t I always buy plaques to put on my wall. Many moons ago (1990) I was in AMF(L) as a young Dvr. Back then, the thought of buying a plaque did not cross my mind. However, now I wish I did.

    I would be very grateful if some one could advise me where to get one from.
  2. I aint got a plaque but i do have the Flag!!!! GET IN THERE!!!!! oh and the large Arctic Warrior, Fcuk knows how, It almost killed me!! Those were the days, OOOOOOOOOOOO th e AMF!

    Try Ebay!
  3. Good man. Did you borrow the fcukin massive flag? What warrior did you take? I take you don't mean the small one we all got on leaving?

    Tried Ebay, can only get a Force Arty one. I want the plain one with the fist, or a 42 Sqn one.

    Cheers any way!
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Q1 Yes

    Q2 Yes

    I still have the ceramic tankards for 1st Bn The Royal Scots who were the Allied Command Europe, Mobile Force (Land) 1970-1974. They ain't for sale. Who needs a plaque? How much beer can that hold?
  5. Nah, i was given it on leaving, It was the old RAOC flag, As for the Statue, i was given it on leaving, they must have liked me,
  6. Q1 Yes but only just.
    Q2 Yes 48 AMF(L) Coy RAOC in Devizes '76 - '79. Remustered from A.T. to Supply Spec.
    There is nothing sad about it. I remember it all with great affection:
    100 miles east of Aberdeen in a force 9 on the Sir Lancelot, looking up at the waves.
    Watching men skid across the galley floor cos its covered in soup and almost vertical,
    Just holding the beer can to the lips and letting the boat do the tipping.
    Trying to play darts with one hand on the ceiling.
    Living in a snow hole, seeing the northern lights at midnight while sitting on a cardboard thunderbox,
    watching a 12 x 12 tent explode because some plonker put petrol instead of kerosene on a T30 heater.
    Many memories and still as clear as day, and I'd do it all again if I could get away with it.

    The only plaque I ever saw was on the CSM's wall behind him,and I saw it often. I've never seen one since.
    What I do have however is an enamel badge with the mailed fist with a green background.
    It used to be on a leather fob and worn on the left breast pocket of the KF shirt :twisted:
  7. HAve you tried Debra Raymond's MilitaryGifts Site, she has a shed load of Military Plaques and would probably be able to get it if she doesn't already have it... The Site Link is in the ARRSE Site Links Pages.

  8. My brother was posted to 48Coy in the 1980s as it happens, he still lives in Devizers (pillock) as for the you can buy all sorts of RAOC Items there, If he doesn't have any AMF plaques I'm sure he'll know where you can get hold of one.
  9. I know this is an old post but can you still get RAOC things to buy?
  10. @Bfpogirl
    If you search on Facebook for Royal Army Ordnance Corps there is a closed group. A number of guys on there have RAOC stuff for sale.
  11. Thank you I'll do that
  12. RLC Museum have a selection of RAOC bits and pieces too.

    Back to the original question all those years ago: I remember 10 Ord Spt Bn.......part of AMF (L) as I recall, based out on London Road, Devizes - now an industrial estate I do believe. The old man was there as a WO2 / WO1, Jock Willy (the rugby afficianado) was there at the time too.
  13. Thanks! We were there too