Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Tobers, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. huff.
  2. The bloke is legit.
  3. He certainly is. Tobers old boy, you may want to rethink your post and scrub it mate.
  4. Westpoint equiv to a blade runner.
  5. That's nowt. When British SF merely frown, fridges fall from the skies upon the heads of their foes. If they frown really hard, the fridges are filled with Tesco lager and inexpensive pork sausages, and weigh at least half a ton.
  6. Ok, so he's an officer but do people really believe the stuff about the Taliban knowing him by name, fearing him and offering him a place on side?
  7. Yes.
  8. Not sure you've got the hang of this thread Tobers. I can't see any good coming your way and would urge you to can it mate.
  9. Well it must be true it was on the internet
  10. Divis? Unity?......never any Sausages but there was the occasional Banger.
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  11. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. I can't delete the thread though, only the contents of the post.
  12. Don't panic mate, there will be a real one along soon. :-(

    And I've removed my referring link as well. No harm done.
  13. I disagree - The Yanks are all about positive propoganda...and why not?

    I would ask every one of you who's served in afghan, would you trust a Taliban enough to exchange phone numbers and chat about peace (I don't care if he is a Rupert)
    For that matter could you even stand face to face with one of the b@stards and resist the urge to raise your rifle to the shoulder and......

    edit to add: I'm not casting any doubt on the yank Rupert, I'm sure he's as ridiculously brave as most yank soldiers are...i'm just very dubious about any kissing parties with the Taliban or any of the foreign Jihaadis over there....if I'm wrong then good - I hope someone will be able to post some info that tells me I am wrong, then we can stop welcoming young lads' coffins home every week.
  14. I disagree with you legal, the OP related to a serving US Marine, it was posted in the Waltenkommando thread, with a question doubting the veracity of a news report. The man in question is most certainly not a walt and has no place on this forum. Had the same piece been entered into Int Cell with a question alongng the lines of. "Is what is said about this guy for real?" then I'd have to agree with you.

    Very rare for me to have a sensible head on by the way.
  15. I've just edited the post you replied to -Let me make it absolutely clear - I'm not calling walt on the yank officer, I have no doubt he's the real deal - I'm just questioning the effectiveness of what they're doing. I'm basing that opinion on my own limited experiences over there - I hope I'm wrong...I used to be proper gung ho let's fuck em up when I was a young squaddie in my 20s - I'm 37 now though and it breaks my heart everytime I watch another teenager / 21 year old etc coming home from the sand in a patriotism is still there, but in the last couple of years I've taken the attitude, bring all the lads home now - feck their country, why should we spill anymore blood for it?