Amerika Bomber destroyed by the French

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Vaughany, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. What's this I heard about the French commando's destroying one of the German Amerika Bombers towards the end of world war two? Surely not. :?
  2. Its channel 5 nonsense, they were never built, honestly the Third Reich is the only thing that keeps satellite and cable TV going.
  3. No I mean the actual horten and messerschmidt prototypes and there machine tooling stuff.
  4. Was this on C5 or the Hitl..errrrrr History channel?

    As far as I was always aware, the New York Bombers were never built. Was there a partially built mockup?
  5. I say again, these were never built, wind tunnel suitcase sized models yes, full sized prototypes no. File under the 'SS escaped to a secret base under Antarctica', Nazi UFO's & experiments in Time Travel.
  6. DEAR GOD MAN!!!!!?!!? 8O The NAZI's had time experiments. I know they had flying saucers but time experiments. We would have been foo*ed if Hitler went back and brought back a dinosaur.

    I refer you to it says at least something about the French.
  7. They did - you evidently missed Channel 5's special on Nazi Dinosaurs – a Tyrannosaurus with a Big Swastika on its midriff, used only once against the Russkies on Seelow heights, not very effective against a T34/85 I am afraid and kept a company of Ivans fed for a month.

    And spending time on is an indicator that you need a Girl freind
  8. Yeah. I know :cry:

    But didn't the Russians try to counter this by sending in suicide bomber dogs? I thought that the big scaley bipod ate all the dogs like in Jurrasic Park 2.
    Thats actually a documentry but because it's got Hollwood celebrities in it people think it didn't happen.
  9. I have been lead to believe that the German metolology would not enable them to build a jet engine that could stay in the air for the length of time it would take to fly there and back.

    Bit of a disadvantage having to change engines in flight.
  10. Wasn't it only the Arado A.555 that had the 004's. Horten were designing there own and messerschmidt already had their prototypres in production which is when the French burst in and ruined the Germans party.

    Parisian party poopers :evil:

  11. YOU STOP IT NOW!! They were not built! Go and find your self a Girl or go for a long run.
  12. You have to know it's a lie. French commando and war are mutually exclusive words. We all know that the cheese-eating surrender monkies capitulated at the beginning of the war, so the chances of there being any at the end of the war to capture anything other than headlines is extremely limited. :twisted:
  13. On that note, can anyone ever remember the French winning anything apart from football?
  14. Battle of Hastings, 1066
  15. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Not French - Normans (= Vikings, really)