America's secret plans


Intelligence has just come in secret American plans
Many Bothan spies died to gain this information.
I must hide.



You have already said too much.  It just has to be true, but it won't be corn oil they're frying up in.
Is that PtP's TEWTS synopsis?


yeah i think it is in a nutshell. Where he is getting his aid from is still unknown

Perhaps some corporate help???????? ;D
Not doing my TEWTS anymore.Having a major sulk and a Teddy throw. I see on todays' news , that the  Yankee Planners have gone with my ideas, and I checked me bank account and zippo.

Therefore, you can do it all on your own septics, don't come crying to me and Liney, when yer plans go pear shaped. It'll be too late then, and nothing you can offer, will make me help you.

....Well maybe Sandra Bullock on a stick........


War Hero
Sod that - show me the money - cos then i'll be able to buy sandra bullock on a stick ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
You can have her, I've just thrown her out ;D

Not bad at all, eager to please and isn't against doint the washing and ironing.

Told her to come back when shes bought a pair of new, bigger norks ;D

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