America's secret offshore prison network

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    A German car salesman says that a year ago he was kidnapped in Europe, beaten and flown to a US-controlled jail in Afghanistan. Now the German government is collecting evidence to back up his story. James Meek hears Khaled el-Masri's account of life in America's secret offshore prison network,3604,1390080,00.html

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  4. I told you...

    I new i had heard of it somewhere?

    they fly the top AQ ters to jails in 3rd world countries with questionable human rights records in return for american foreign aid. This is kept very hush hush, and they use a plane that is not officialy registed with the FAA (so it does not exist)

    As a cover for this, they instigated Guantanamo bay, where they are holding the less dangerous AQ ters in an effort to divert attention away from the real ters whp are being stipped bollock naked and whipped within an inch of their life by hariy mustafa :twisted:

    agent smith
  5. The flights have stopped en route at Prestwick.

    Might be time for someone intrepid to leak details for future flight plans of that particular callsign. Also, request the MOD if any special identification category (for monitoring purposes) has been allocated to the aircraft by the air defence system or if any instruction has been issed to the air defence system to do so.
  6. ..... then give the pilot a parachute and tell him to turn off the IFF before he exits..... :lol:
  7. Amasing what people fall for. It's just more Kack like this is

  8. Great copy paste. Google N8068V
  9. OK, having now read that Guardian story I reluctantly have to admit that one part of this man's claims do (surprisingly) chime with certain known facts. Of course, a clever liar or fantasist would include this sort of plausible detail, wouldnt he?

    (Me learned friend reminds me to make it clear I am not saying this man either is or isnt telling the truth).

    This Lebanese-born German citizen claims that he decided to go to Macedonia for a holiday, but was taken off the bus at the Serbian-Macedonian border, detained and interrogated by Macedonian police for 23 days, then put under restraint on a plane and flown to Afghanistan. (The alleged details are worse than that, but you can read the story at msr's link above).

    James Meek's Guardian story says that it is "certain" the man was taken off a bus from Germany at the Macedonian border on New Year's Eve, 2003. Why would he go to Macedonia for a holiday in winter? Well, I am told that the weather in the Vardar valley and around Lake Ohrid is a lot milder than the Balkan winters some of you are used to.

    The alleged story suggests that the Macedonians were anxious to catch an Al-Qaeda member, like any responsible police force, and to please the USA with a "capture". All very understandable. However, his alleged interrogators in Afghanistan eventually accepted that he wasnt AQ, and sent him to....Albania. If the story is true, the Macedonians got it very badly wrong in their eagerness to impress.

    What this reminds me of is that in March 2002 seven Pakistani men travelling in a minibus were ambushed and killed by Macedonian special police, who claimed it as a highly successful anti-terrorist operation. After a change of government, the Macedonians claimed in April 2004 that the seven men were in fact illegal Pakistani immigrants who had actually been lured with the specific purpose of killing them and claiming them as terrorists. Two police generals, another senior official plus the former government's interior Minister were named in connection with the "plot". (Point-scoring between the new and former majority party will have played its part in the "discovery" of the "plot".)

    Long story sorry, but the point is that elements of the Macedonian police might at the time have been capable of errr.. excessive zeal in an effort to impress. If there is any truth in the man's story, the Macedonian government will again be trying to distance themselves from the excesses of their predecessors, otherwise the false arrest, mistreatment and kidnapping of a German citizen might just backfire on them bigtime.

    Tinfoil hat off.

    (All from public domain as usual: to match this long story, a very long link to the "ambush" story, as the original has disappeared off CNN: )
  10. :lol: These Yanks really know how to throw a party :lol: (and not just at Abu Ghraib)