Americas Oldest Living WW2 Veteran

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Joshua Slocum, May 18, 2017.

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  1. Still Driving, Still Smoking
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  2. Does he tell British people how he single-handedly saved our asses in WW2?
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  3. NO, but I think that as an African American he is worth listening to, a lot of his friends still lie in France
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  4. He fought in the Pacific as a USAAF Construction Engineer building airbases, but thanks for being a throbber
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  5. Why should his being an 'African' American or for that fact an 'American of any sort' make him more (or less) worth listening to?
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  6. If he was building airbases, then he wasn't doing much fighting was he?
    Important as building airfields were.
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  7. So Engineers never came under fire? news to those who built Guadalcanal Fighter strips and improved Henderson field, Munda, on Bougainville, on or the Hurricane fields in Burma at Sinthe, Allagappa, Onbauk, Myitche, Sadaung and Mandalay North
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  8. How many 109 year old men can you listen to ?
    and people seem to think it was a white boys war
    Lots of Black Dudes gave everything for Freedom, oddly mainly for white dudes ?
    so a bit of respect is not out of order
    luckily I am colour blind
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  9. Do some research about the US Pacific campaigns, and island hopping in particular.

    Can best be summed up as "F*ck that"
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  10. On a related theme, it's a bit of food for thought that the youngest D-Day veteran is 90.*

    If the Last Tommy rule is applied (Harry Patch died aged 111), then there will be no living WWII UK veteran by 2038.

    *edit: at a push, 89, if he was RN Boy service and (obviously) serving on a ship that was involved in the landings.

    Edit: Bad sums error courtesy of @stacker1
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
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  11. I have a relative who was in Bomber Command
    he is 96
    cant be more than a handful
    his story is worth listening to, and luckily it has been recorded
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  12. My mother was a WAAF Sgt.....still going at 94.
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  13. I believe that I saw a show on dday 60th anniversary speaking to a coxwain who drove landing craft on to Omaha beach as a 15 year old. He'd be 88
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  14. You might want to rephrase that, some of us are eating...
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  15. Possible, I suppose, though helming an LCI at 15 has got to be stretching it a bit.

    Then again, even if the old boy's memory is . . . errm . . . generous in the extreme, serving as a quickly pressed crewman at that age is more logical. And equally bum-clenching for someone who's voice has yet to break.
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