Americas next prez?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by datumhead, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Done on here recently but can't find the link.

    is he the "great" hope?

    For once american input is req. :thumleft:
  2. You need to get out more.
  3. [​IMG]

    Barack Obama :confused: ............naa, it's O.J. :omg: :D


  4. If it's possible to run an entire race without staking out a position or speaking in anything other than platitudes, then Obama has a chance. the big attraction is that he hasn't done anything to disappoint anyone in the Democratic party. The trouble is, he's accomplished this by not doing anything full stop.

    Hillary would be an utter disaster, largely because a) she'll mobilize the Republican base and b) if she ever was to get into office she's an arrogant bit who has the charm of furry turd and has no idea how to handle people. She has her husbands brains (perhaps more), but she lacks entirely his politicians instincts and personable manner. Aside from the prodigious amounts of money she is capable of raising, she lacks gravitas also.

    Biden is an arrogant bugger also, but at least he has the gravitas and experince that Obama and Clinton lack.

    Richardson looks like a fairly good candidate, but the guy in the office next to mine used to work for one of the New Mexico senators and he's not confident that Richardson's background will stand up to scrutiny. He wouldn't say much more than that.

    Personally, I think the Republican race just got a lot more interesting. McCain's future is going to lie four-square with the "surge" in Iraq, and I think we're all agreed which way that's going to go. Right now I'd say the GOP field is wide open. Condi's not going to have the slightest chance because even though her popularity is a lot higher than the rest of the current mob, that's not going to last. My guess is that she'll be wheeled out to explain policy more and more, thus she'll be linked to it even if its not her idea.
  5. Dogface for President

    They've tried all the other retards...
  6. Obama might make a great president but he won't get elected. It might do him good to hitch his wagon on someone else's horses and run as a VP.

    Why won't he get elected? Because his full name is Barack Hussein Obama. Fate dealt him a bad hand when names were being dished out.

    Barack rhmes with Iraq.

    His middle name is Hussein. That in itself rules him out as the next president of the US. Rush Limbaugh is promising and has already turned this into a campaign issue.

    His last name is constantly ( deliberately or otherwise) mispronounced as Osama.

    He won't get elected. Why? Americans are that petty.

  7. Oh yeah, he is a smoker too. The evangelists who decide who is going to president or not will make this into a huge issue.
  8. A pretty good assessment. I would partially disagree about Hillary. She has shown the willingness to roll up her sleeves and do the hard, mundane work of politics. However, she has a lot of baggage, and she has alienated a lot of Democrats. The wildcard on the Deomcratic side IMHO is Al Gore. He has managed to maintain visibility, has a base of support, and doesn't have any war-related baggage. Plus, the 2000 election is ancient history.

    On the Republican side, neither McCain, Guiliani, or Romney are not inspiring choices for the conservative base, and the second tier candidates are basically a joke. There are no other substanive figures for the Republicans, so their side is wide open.
  9. Of all the Democrats, I think John Edwards has the best chance. He had surprisingly good showing in '04 and has spent the last few years crisscrossing the country pepping up the masses. Plus, he does not have to explain Iraq to anybody because he had the sense and the guts to come out very early on and publicly declare his regrets for voting for the war.

    BTW, I cried when former Virginia Governor Mark Warner said he would not run. Best man for the job in my humble opinion. Had all the promise of a JFK. I really hope he reconsiders.

    I hope you all sign the petition. Go Mark!! Go!!
  10. Don't fancy a bet on Arnie? (obviously subject to a change in the law, and him running!) :numberone:
  11. Barak may well be Pres one day. I don't think it'll be after the 2008 elections though, unless there is a total dearth of other viable candidates. He's got, what, all of two years government experience so far? Four by 2008? I don't see his character overshadowing is inexperience.

  12. For me

    1st Choice: John McCain - He's a centrist, something that America desperately needs right now. He's a veteran, and understands the need to support the military, but his experiences in Vietnam give him an understanding on the dangers of reckless application of force and on the evils of torture.

    2nd Choice: Barrack Obama - He's also a centrist, his speach at the Democratic National Convention had me cheering infront of the TV. He has energy, charisma, and sincerity. I may not see eye to eye with him on all issues, but I like him. He has the ability to listen as well as speak (unlike that yapping bitch Hillary :thumbdown: )

    3rd Choice: Rudy Giuliani - He just happens to be cool. Again, also a centrist.

    4th Choice: Arnie the Governator - Say what you will, we could do much worse.
  13. I have heard of some favourable comparisons made between Obama & a young JFK. However, regardless of the outcome of the Cuban missile crisis, it must be remembered that the older, more experienced Khrushchev, rang rings around Kennedy during international negotiations prior to the crisis.

    IMHO what the US needs is a steady pair of hands, to try and get the US back on an even keel, I don't think Obama has got what it takes for this task (yet?)