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America's Last WWI/Great War Veteran Passes


War Hero
Very sad. There is only two World War 1 veterens left in the entire world now. Its crazy how such a monumental event has very nearly slipped completely from living memory.

He was rescued in 1945 at Los Banos prison camp when co. B 511th Parachute Infantry performed a low level jump right next to the camp

Stories - Angels came at dawn

That morning, as I walked out of the barracks with my family to line up for 7:00 AM roll call, I looked up into the sky over a field near our camp and saw several C47 transport planes.

Suddenly, the sky filled with the “Angels”; the men of “B” Company of the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment, floating down as if from heaven in their white parachutes.

Hell of a Man to survive the Japs tender mercies for 3 years

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