America's Largest Mafia Arrests

Nail bars are good for money laundering apparently. Don't ask me why 'cos I dont know. It was something to do with the fact your not actually selling a product so its hard for anyone to gauge exactly how many customers you have so you can cook the books and say you've made double than what you actually have that day.The little yellow tree frog my brother knocks about with told me but I wasnt listening cos we were outside in the smoking area, pissed and there were boobies about.
This is the same chap who I saw in the casino over Christmas in tracksuit bottoms, jumper and slip on shoes with a Tesco carrier bag with 5k in it. Lost the lot and only got upset when he realised he'd ran out of cigs.
That was more about your life than money laundering Stevie S. Is this guy your brother's classy catalogue bride?
Did you get photos of the boobies in the smoking area? Were any of them Mafia birds?

No boobie photos im afraid. The chap is a dainty little thing so maybe our kid has him in a dress when they meet up? *shudder*. Thankfully he has a sense of humour because when I'm drunk I will ask him if he "wan dvd?" or something equally bone. I really dont fancy him going crouching tiger on my ass with nunchuks.
"Tony, I'd like you to take over our UK operation again."

"Thank you Don Berlusconi, I'll try not to **** it up this time..."


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