Americas Hardest Prisons

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by TheBigUn, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. I watched this at the weekend on Sky Anytime, quite fascinating to see how the prisoners are treated.

    The local Sheriff is quoted as saying

    "I will go to my grave before I let these guys out early. I'll put more tents up from here to Mexico if I have to"

    Well worth a watch if you have got National Geo Channel. :D
  2. Although this is in Arizona, chain gangs are for the most part a Southern thing. I was shocked when I first went to Georgia and the Carolinas and saw real chain gangs at work. Guards with shotguns at either end, one time on horseback. I don't think anyone was ever chained together though they may have had shackles on.

    From what I understand by those who've worked in the prison system down there positions on chain gangs (work crews) are coveted by prisoners. It breaks up the monotony of an otherwise dull day.
  3. Good idea the chain gangs. We should have them in the UK. Let the scum put something back into society, whilst eating 3 square meals a day!

    It would never happen here as i am sure some do gooder will complain about civil rights and all that cr*p!

    Bring back the Birtch! Oh and hanging!