Americas Army


Played it for a while it is a very good game very realistic. But i had crashing to desktop bugs so gave up after few months of playing it. But best part is you have to pass basic training e.g shooting etc..
yuppers -NbyN-halo_jones.....the 2.8 comes with the unreal editor and has shed some of the lag n buggyness of a little full of kids some times n the offical servers are kinda hack n jerk ridden but there are plenty of good servers...


TomSmytheUK said:
I can never find a good place to download it.. annoying..
Even leaving your pc on over night? Try it, you won't get a fast enough download rate anywhere in the UK to download it in less than a day. Unless your a rich boy with enough money for a house with 16Mbs broadband, right next to the telephone london...


War Hero
Used to play it a lot when it first came out. Good game back then.

Does anyone know if it works with Vista, if so might download and try again.....
Downloaded it yesterday, it only took a couple of hours in the end.

Not entirely happy having to sit through virtual lessons in virtual classrooms.

Do you get to play with vehicles and aircraft or should I sack it and go back to BF2?


yeah it works with vista but for some reason i think my training is corrupt as on the last weapons training part it says shoot the bunker every time i shoot no matter where i shoot it says i hit a marker and fails me its so annoying!! where is the bunker cos i must be missing something!! haha
Yep I had no idea where it was. Aimed at the green container looking thing (600m I think) to the right of the lane and passed, so I guess thats what your looking for.

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