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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViroBono, Aug 22, 2003.

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  1. Anyone else seen this:

    Top network game for those with broadband, developed as a recruiting tool for the US Army. Apparently extremely realistic, though so far I have been unable to shoot down any Tornados.

    The forums are quite good fun, with threads such as 'Why does everyone hate Americans' (the answer, of course is that there aren't enough Frenchmen to go around).

    Watch and shoot, watch and shoot...
  2. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

  3. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    Is it at the level of realim where they start shooting their own team mates yet?

    Or is that the v1.2 update, out next week on all public servers. Catch it if you can!!
  4. You didn't say anything about them fragging there own officers either. Or about alienating themselves from every country they have ever "liberated," and the multi-national forces working alongside themselves as well.

    Ahh that felt good.
  5. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    That's the 1.3 patch.
  6. I must admit I have been quite surprised at the realism of it.

    The weapons are bang on with drills and you even have to clear jams!

    It doesn't really play as an arcade game either as there is a strict honour points system and if you shoot or grenade one of your own guys you'll be kicked off of the server and given a massive points penalty. The graphics engine is as good as anything anyone else is using.

    As a recruiting tool - doubt it, just a load of geeks getting free games.

    - Oh tits

    The 2.0 patch looks very interesting though as they're going to have SF simulated which you have to further qualify for whilst also having indigenous forces.

    Sad I know........
  7. Yes, It's...... just....... like...... being....... in........ a ...........real...... war.

    All above. Switch off PC and go out and get a life.
  8. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I've seen the stats Gunny and you spend more time on here than me!
  9. touché
  10. turtle

  11. I haven't gone anywhere near this american website. The user name on that site is someone else. Honest. Guv.
  12. France has done a very good job at alienating themselves from the U.K. and the U.S.A because they seem to have forgotten who kept their butts from having to learn German. I mean both countries did, not just the USA, we don't claim it all we worked with the Allies during WWII as well as England did.
  13. Perhaps if the Americans had (a) joined in rather earlier than they had in both WW1 and WW2, (b) not then gone on to continually claim all the credit, and (c) not made films which rewrite history (and are believed by the majority of the US population), they would not be the butt of as much criticism.
  14. i played the game...its alright not excellent i prefer vietcong myself, training is hilarious :D