Americas Army...what do you think?

What do you guys think of America's Army?

For those who don't know, America's Army is a computer game made by the US military as an aid to recruitment. - Official website.
NY-Times article
Some Screenshots

Aside from a more real-world weapon selection (i.e. M4A1s and M249s, instead of rocket launchers and plasma guns), and better weapon modelling (e.g. recoil, stoppages etc.) its basically the same as many other online FPS games (e.g. Counter-Strike).

Essentially you play as a member of a small squad with other players online, and try to shot as many of the Arab looking enemies possible. Death is only a temporary and bloodless affair. The game is free to download, making it fairly popular.

Personally, I think its fairly good as a gimmick to get people looking into the idea of joining up, but think it presents an unrealistic image to, generally speaking, the wrong people (i.e. fat nerds).

It's an interesting paradox that Armies these days (especially ours) will shun the 'Playstation Generation', but now seem to be using exactly that as a medium to recruit.

with todays technology i.e cast, invertron, sat due to be replaced by more guchi kit how long will it be till all technical trg is completed in a room full of computer screens
The NZ Army have a sort of online game as well but nowhere near as advanced as America's Army. If it works, then it is good for recruiting. I can't help but wonder what type of recruit it attracts though.
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