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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Muttley, May 1, 2006.

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  1. Just a quickie, has anyone played or does play AA? Is it worth downloading etc?
  2. Not bad once you get into it, but you have to complete lots of training missions before you can play online, which gets really tedious - its like sitting through your IDT's with a moronic yank talking non-stop.

    If you want a quick fix couter-strike source is a better if more unrealistic bet. Other games worth a look are battlefield 2 if your PC has the HP and Swat 4 if you prefere a slower pace that doesn't always involve just killing everyone.

    My favorites though are Call of Duty 2 and Brothers in Arms.

    I must have far too much time on my hands!
  3. Thanks for that, i do already play COD and COD 2 oline as well as Joint Ops. I ask as its free and we could have an Arrse clan to whoop some yanky ass so to speak. Any takers?
  4. I think that is a fine idea... although with my online ability, I don't think I could aim for anything better than an arrse clan.
  5. I play joint ops now and again. For my money its better than Battlefield 2.
  6. Yea.... i play AA once in a while. I like it, but you are right you do have to sit through some crappy training stuff. That said, its a small price to pay for an otherwise free game.
  7. AA isnt bad, I used to play it a while back and once you get used some of the quirks it can be good fun and quite addictive. An arrse clan was proposed a while back but never took off.
  8. Day of Defeat, still the best,
  9. Nobody play Operation Flashpoint?
  10. yeah found online had a few bugs, falling through walls getting stuck on scenary etc.
  11. Hidden and Dangerous 2 online, there is no alternatice (unless you don't like WW2)
  12. Shouldn't that be MATTs now :wink:
  13. Damn straight. If only cause you can be British without all the arsery of BF1942!
  14. i just started playing again after having some time out! would be goo to get our own clan together, just to kick yanks arrse :lol:
  15. downloading the special forces version now - anyone for a game later?