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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Bossdog, Sep 3, 2005.

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  1. Anyone else play this computer game??
  2. Yep, 40 points.
  3. I hear its badly hacked.
  4. I only play on servers with squads i know and who know how to play the game properly, (usually ex-mil types from here and the US) some of the public servers have the usual ranks of kids with all the cheats running to make it easier for them but since i dont play in them its not an issue.
  5. personally I dont have the patience for AA, went through all the training levels until the E+E one then just got bored sh1teless...

    I opt for Call of Duty (the bees knees), Counterstrike or Battlefield 2

  6. I know what you mean mate, that E&E/Medic stuff was as boring as hell, but i eventually got it done, i also play BF2/CSS and some COD it all depends on what sort of mood i'm in and how much time i have ..... :D
  7. too true! whether or not to opt for DM (when Im in a hyoeractive and rather vindictive mood) or S&D, always a fave.

    I suppose it was the ability to aim down the sight that really did it for me (how sad is that?)


    P.S- I know you could do it in op:flashpoint but I didnt like that game either, if i want to spend hours crawling around in themmudm id rather not do it staring at the computer screen.