Americas army game

America's Army will certainly run ok on OSX. Whether you can complete the 'training missions' without dying of boredom or frustration is another matter.

Have a look at the forum - in miniature! :twisted:
well it downloaded....only took 9 hours!

Been playing and it seems pretty good, apart from some of the strange specimens that are playing online!

I see what you mean about the 'training' sitting through first aid lectures is not my idea of fun...and there was a text at the end!

Does anyone from arrse play it, maybe sort out an arrse game?



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I hear there are a lot of bugs with the initial release. I played back in the day when this first came out. For those of you whinging about dry lectures and tests - you should have seen the old First Aid test, the SF briefing and the SF Escape and Evasion qualifcation course :D

I have qualified on this one at a minimum of basic for everything, but I can't seem to join any servers. Do you have to reach 'Proficient' in everything, or is it just very buggy? Didn't have time to check in the AA forums before coming to work.
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