Americans Ruin Another National Treasure

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bumper, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. The bloody Americans just can't leave well alone can they. They have an indestructable national urge to interfere with, and consequently ruin, everything they come into contact with. Just look what they've done to television for goodness sake or the motor car. But now after giving them free reign for 230 odd years I think we are now obliged to slam the shutters down because this is bang out of order.

    The buggers have only gone and automated the Pantomime Horse. Generations of am-dram bit players and school kids who never stood any other chance of getting on the stage have cut their thespian teeth being the rear end of the Pantomime Horse. Now it's over.

    View here

    Chuck Schrader at Boston Dynamics said, "We're really pleased with this innovative technology which has many exciting applications from exploration, the military and entertainment fields. We're seeing enthusastic interest from all sectors and we're confident we can deliver new exciting opportunities to our clients."

    Oh fvck off Chuck, Buck or whatever you're called......... and keep your hands off the Pantomime Dame.
  2. I thought this was going to be about the fat feckers wondering why Windsor Castle was built so near to Heathrow.

    PS Bigdog is very old news.
  3. Behold the Glorious scientific & technical acheivements of the great republic! 1903: The aeroplane, man takes to the skies, 1969: Man on the moon, one giant leap for mankind, now in 2009....the automated pantomine horse...those worried about american decline may have a point...
  4. Cool thing is at 1 min 45 sec they have taught it to mark time.......
  5. It could have very serious military applications. Imagine you're a Taliban sentry and you see this crossing your arcs.


    Are you going to submit a sighting report or chalk it down to too much opium and sodomy?
  6. Who's the bloke giving it a good shoeing at 21 secs in..........

    ............robots have rights too you know!
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    ....maybe they have taken on board some of the criticism that they have their heads up their own arses..... :lol:
  8. At 1.31 theres some mil bergans hanging off it. Heres me thinking they are gonna flog the thing to the military as a mechanical pack horse. Well the taliban would never hear that fucker echoing around Tora Bora eh ? :roll:

  9. Did think of the idea in the previous thread about it (6 months ago odd) and getting a special effects artist to dress it up as something terrible and send it into taliban villages in the middle of the night. :twisted:

  10. They've got a better version in the pipeline already:

  11. you might have been joking...... they weren't.

    seems they're going after the catwalk market next...
  12. From the same company (Boston Dynamics) with DoD funding... The perfect squaddie? :thumright:
    Don't think much of his war face though.
    What makes the grass grow? Hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil!!!

  13. I thought this thread was about another one of those god awful Nicholas Cage films.
  14. can we see a video where it isn't connected to a 500V power supply? I'd love to see how long this 'cyborg' would work on batteries, unless they intend to fit this with a 2-stroke model airplane engine as well? Good work on the movement though, that it difficult enough to achieve without the constraints of energy self sufficiency. a bit weak on push ups though, eh? Thing would never pass any phys test...