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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by BigJobs, May 5, 2005.

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  1. It's looking as though Dog Soldiers 2 is going to be a remake with american special forces. It's going to be ruined. Anyone think of any other films that have been remade by the americans and have turned out to be a shadow of their former selves?

    The ones I can think of are:

    Taxi (French) remade as Taxi!
    Day of The Jackal (British) remade as The Jackal
    Ringu (Japanese) remade as The Ring
  2. Far too many to list: La cage.. Bridcage..
    Cousin-Cousine - Cousins..

    America has an aversion to foreign language films [ unless its hispanic ghetto talk or Ebonics blaxploitation for the ' urban/niche' markets ]

    and can't stand to see ' foreigners' playing starring roles.. Everything has got to be Uhmurrican ..

    also Hollywood has bankrupted itself and can't afford to fund ' new ' stories so its buys up proven scripts from offshore or recycles stuff already in the vaults.. hence all the cheesy ' re-imaginings' of old TV series.. This summer we got to sit through the Honeymooners [ 50's TV ] Bewitched [ 60's TV ] and Dukes of Hazard [ 70's TV] ...

    Hell if the puplic is willing to pay $30. 00 per couple to go to the flick and mortgage the house for some jujbes/popcorn and a coke.. then why should they care?

    figures show that theatres are making $ 3.05 per person profit on snack bar [ constituting most of their profit -more than the film itself ] sales and have a whopping mark-up on the cost of the goodies by getting the unwashed to ' upsize' their purchase.. Why spend $ 3.89 for a bucket o' corn when you can have a ' ferkin ' for $ 4.25 and then are so bloated from stuffing yourself before the ' coming attractions 'are over you got to wash it all down with a drum of cola fizzy water that cost them 3 cents and cost you another $ 2.25...

    DVD sales and satellite ' movies on demand ' are fast killing the market for movie houses, so they're ' upping ' the experience.. Got one multiplex near me that has a 'singles bar ' built in on the ' elite floor '...

    Still crap on the silver screen , though....
  3. There was a British movie titled, I think, "She Devil", which was a twisted, jilted woman gets revenge plot. American remake by same name, starring 'Roseanne Barr' as jilted woman. Sheer garbage in comparison to the British film.
    Why they bother I don't know, as many Americans seem to like the British stuff.
    Few movies 'translate' in the re-making

    But in the case of dog-soldiers, why even bother? Maybe Ben Affleck stars or something :lol:
  4. Just remembered. Bedazzled. Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Brilliant
    remade with liz hurley and brendan fraiser. shite
  5. Get Carter and The Italian Job spring immediately to mind! Grrrrr
  6. To be fair, The new Italian Job is a good film in its own right. It has little to do with Italy and is not a remake. It is a separate amd completely different film. Someone thought of an opening sequence in Venice and squashed in a car chase with three minis so they could leach off the popularity of the true classic.
  7. La Femme Nikita
  8. remaking dog soldiers who wouldnt pay to see ben effleck being eaten by a were wolf :lol:
  9. Batman is now Welsh. Christian Bale is from Haverford West. (Cue jokes...) although, the spams still insist on American accents as Emma Thompson, Jason Statham, Ioan Gruffydd, Catherine Zeta Jones etc have all discovered. The only one who seems to be able to get away with using his own accent is Sean Connery (e.g. The Hunt for Red October and The Untouchables)

    Leaving film aside for a moment, you should see what they did to tv shows like Coupling and especially The Office. Shocking. 8O
  10. To be fair look what we did to "That 70's Show".