Americans don't know what hit them...


PTRD designed by Degtyarev, single shot, bolt action, 38lbs (17.3kg), 78.7ins (2000mm) long.

PTRS designed by Simonov, gas operated, self loader (semi-auto), 5 round clip loaded box, 46lb, 3oz (20.86kg), 86.61ins (2134mm) long.

Shared characteristics: 14.5mm patron obr 1941g ammo, first issued to troops in 1941.

Quoted armor penetration - 25mm at 500m at 0 degrees.

"Small Arms of WW II" says the PTRS was fairly fragile and disappeared after 1945. However, "In the late 1960's it (PTRD) was still found in the Albanian Army, and one was captured a couple of years ago from some Dhofari rebels in Oman." The book is by Col John Weeks, Parachute Reg, who was Project Manager, Infantry Weapons, for the MoD when the book was published in 1979. IBSN 0-88365-403-2.


That's the one I was thinking of. I never could remember those names. Thanks.I going to read up on it this weekend


Would that be like one of those quads from an AA battery they would use? Never heard of someone doing that, but I bet they would make a nasty hole if it hits the armor right.
Can a quad or triple battery be broken down for a signle use weapon?
Does anyone else think that these "funny" RPGs might have been the "secret weapons" that Iraqi LTCOL told the Torygraph he saw? After all, he reckons the wmd were fired like RPG7s. I don't know about you - but a biological weapon with an effective range of 500 metres?

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