Americans develop Taser shotgun cartridges

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Vegetius, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. This story was quite interesting.

    I'll bet it will!

    Why the Spam navy funded this must surely raise the question: how bad is discipline on board their warships?

    How good a shot must you be to hit somebody with a shotgun cartridge trailing an electrical filament at 100 metres? Does it come with a scope?

    Absolutely nails!
  2. Where can I get one? even if it only goes 100 feet... there are so many deserving cases 'round here.
  3. they make an automatic shotgun as well imagine the fun possbilties .When are the airsofter going to cope hill down perfect test
    area :twisted:
  4. If it gives the "blunt-force trauma of a fast-moving baseball" at 100m, will it really need the taser at, say, 10m? If the US Navy had come to me first, I would have given them a $400,000 discount.
  5. I have seen a similar project where the shells were charged up and discharged on impact hence no trailing wires!
  6. ^ Good point. I've seen video of the US Marines using the "beanbag gun" which is a soft projectile that is fired from a sort of baton round discharger.

    It's a soft-blunt-trauma device that simply knocks people over with minimal physical damage. I don't know if they are operational, the marines in the video were having a lot of fun blatting each other with them.
  7. This is all very well for hitting targets in depth but what we really need is taser baton.

    Not only do you get to smack someone with two feet of hickory stick but you zap them at the same time.

    Obviously the number of NDs and self administered shoeings would slow the action down a bit but you if you were a rioter you wouldn't want some hairy arrse Cpl wading in with his lightsaber now would you.

    This post in no way supports or approves of the judicious use of force to suppress or control anyone at any time. Firm words and the naughty stool are all the tools you need to deal with rioting hooligans.
  8. Can I please "volunteer" my OC for the UK testing phase. A worthy cause if ever there was one!! Only the 1 metre and less bit though.
  9. They should fund the development of the 1t tactical nuclear 5.56mm crowd-control round. It would have the advantage of preventing re-offence.
  10. latest rumour from our QM'S is there is an NSN for Prod Cattle Electric..... any truth in this?? and if so whats the score with demanding one??? :p
    and does it work on sheep??? got quite a problem with that at the mo :)
  11. Can we get those on Expense account, that would be mint, 'specially in the sand pit