Americans continue to torture their way around the world

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pyianno, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. Very brave (and harrowing) judgment by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights on the rendition of a German citizen into the hands of the CIA and thence onto Afghanistan, there to be tortured.

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  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    60k Euros compensation in his favour against Macedonia and USA washing their hands of any action brought against them?

    "In May 2006 the District Court dismissed the applicant's claim,
    finding that the US Government had validly asserted the State secrets

    "The applicant submitted articles in which journalists reported that
    the US Ambassador in Germany at the time had informed the German
    authorities in May 2004 that the CIA had wrongly imprisoned the applicant.
    They further reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had stated
    that the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had admitted to her, in a
    private discussion, that the US had mistakenly abducted and detained the

  3. "that the US had mistakenly abducted and detained the
    Just how do you mistakenly abduct someone?
    My initial reaction to the thread was this must be about Bruce Willis films and Britney Spears "music", to mention just a few Hollywood Greats.
  4. "153. In short, the facts occurred in the following manner: on 18 December 2001,
    Mr Agiza and Mr Alzery, Egyptian citizens seeking asylum in Sweden, were the
    subject of a decision dismissing the asylum application and ordering their deportation
    on grounds of security, taken in the framework of a special procedure at ministerial
    level. In order to ensure that this decision could be executed that same day, the
    Swedish authorities accepted an American offer to place at their disposal an aircraft
    which enjoyed special over flight authorisations. Following their arrest by the
    Swedish police, the two men were taken to Bromma Airport where they were
    subjected, with Swedish agreement, to a 'security check' by hooded American agents.
    154. The account of this 'check' is especially interesting, as it corresponds in detail
    to the account given independently by other victims of 'rendition', including Mr El-
    Masri. The procedure adopted by the American team, described in this case by the
    Swedish police officers present at the scene, was evidently well rehearsed: the agents
    communicated with each other by gestures, not words. Acting very quickly, the agents
    cut Agiza's and Alzery's clothes off them using scissors, dressed them in tracksuits,
    examined every bodily aperture and hair minutely, handcuffed them and shackled
    their feet, and walked them to the aircraft barefoot."

    Perhaps Julian Assange's concerns, and hance his behaviour, are more understandable in the light of the above?
  5. I had my head in my hands reading the judgment. Shameful stuff, all the worse that we (British) are complicit in so many like cases.
  6. Remind me of which party the government was composed in this disgraceful act.
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  7. On demuring to the Americans, all parties are indistinguishable.
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  8. Was this the guy eventually dumped in Albania, a country he had no connection with?
  9. Yes. Read the judgment.
  10. And you lot wonder why we wish to keep our own guns.
  11. It's not that we want you to stop keeping them; just exercise more control over who you shoot.
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  12. Rendition is a disgrace and an abomination. We should not be 'exporting' our terrorist suspects (you can bet your arrse we don't get it for free)

    Not when we have thousands of metres of unused mineshafts, and we're surrounded by the bloody sea!
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  13. Interestingly, the article referred to by Pyianno now seems to have disappeared from the website.
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