Americans are getting shorter...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Livin_on_a_prayer, May 5, 2006.

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    Americans are apparently getting shorter (and fatter) while Europeans are getting taller. Americans, who were once some of the tallest in the world are now actually getting shorter and are on average 1.5 inches shorter than Brits and 3 inches shorter than the Dutch (Worlds tallest), this gap is growing larger. Also rates of diseases such as diabetes, lung cancer and high blood pressure among Americans aged between 55 and 64 were up to twice as high as in the UK. Americans also have higher rates of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

    I imagine alot of this is to do with diet and lifestyle, but things are gonna need to change across the pond if this is to be sorted out. I know this is an ongoing issue and may annoy some people to talk about it, but some of those figures are scary, I didnt realise it was getting that bad over there. Any idea's on what the goverment needs to do to sort it, if anything?
  2. errr, too many mexicans in the states now massaging the poll???? :twisted:

    or by 'american' they mean of 'white european' stock????? :p
  3. That was my first thought as well, a large influx of Hispanics and some Asians in the last twenty years has influenced the data. I don't think Americans of European or African stock have grown any shorter.
  4. Here in TX I (as a pure white boy) am now officially a minority.
  5. feel right at home in leicester so you would, then.......
  6. That's my guess too. I don't know the data, but at 5'10 I'm shorter than a good 75% of my white friends over here. In some (Latino) parts of LA though, it's like you're in The Shire with blokes often topping out at no more than 5'2-5'3. (Once you substitute a peaceful, rural idyll for concrete, graffitti, ranchero music at 120dB, gunfire, Harry Ramps drinking 40s in brown paper bags and illegal immigrants selling fake Rolexes and pirate DVDs of course.)

    On an associated point, I read the other day that due to improvements in diet, Asian women-folk are getting bigger chebs- good news, to be welcomed by all, I feel.

    (Edited for a mong-ish typo that has been pointed out below. :oops: )
  7. [quote="crabtasticdue to improvements in diet, Asian women-folk are getting bigger chebs- good news, to be welcomed by all I feel.[/quote]

    So just how many do you feel then ?
  8. As many as I think i can get away with. :D