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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fozzy, Jan 28, 2006.

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  1. Thirded - he is nothing but a useless troll
  2. The imature little tw@t is a masochist sat in front of his screen stropping his insicnificant meat, dreaming dreams of being able to play with real men, instead of providing satisfaction for all the local wierdow's who spend themselves in his recum before washing his throat out.
    PTP waste the Tw@t.
  3. A-D is a Brit. Look at his use of language and the construction of his sentences.
  4. >>The Prince of Wales warned the British people last night that they were in danger of becoming as obese as many Americans because they did not walk or cycle enough.

    The Prince, who has a fleet of chauffeur-driven cars and has rarely if ever been seen in public on the saddle of a bike, said: “We are perhaps not very far behind our American cousins in the ‘super-sizing epidemic.">>

    And btw, you'd think your bonny Prince Charles would be more concerned with finding a cure for enormous ears.
  5. I find A_D's posts to be objectionable in the extreme, but I take exception to your negative characterization of the American warrior.

    I was a National Merit Scholar (supposedly an indication of some kind of neurological activity) on entering University in the US. Got myself a free ride because I was supposedly so intellectually "gifted". After graduating from a fairly good School of International Service, I enlisted (that's right, enlisted, no commission) in the USMCR. During my initial 9 months' active duty service, my rackmate in Boot Camp had completed 3 years' engineering in Uni--apparently the guy couldn't make up his mind, I did a web search on his rather uncommon name a few weeks ago (14 years after we graduated Parris Island) and the guy is a M.D. now! A Marine with whom I served at one of my schools managed to get himself in trouble with The Man by flying his personally-owned airplane into the airbase at which we were stationed for school (Officers were allowed to keep their privately-owned planes there, but apparently had their egos affronted when a PFC flew in his MUCH nicer aircraft... :D ) A Corporal in my line platoon had a Master's Degree in Criminology, and made bags of money being the VP of a fairly prestigious private investigations company. During my service in the Corps, I was privileged to serve with some of the most intelligent, active, resourceful, motivated, patriotic, educated, and also downright CRAZY people I have met in my 36 years of life. I've met quality people from all the other services as well, both during my 18 years growing up around the US Air Force (Dad was a career AF officer) and in my general travels since then. Blowing these people off as "losers and morons" merely shows your own ignorance of the subject.

  6. You know what lank yurker? I couldn't even be bothered to read your obviously glorious history and experiences

    Bore off

    I stand by my negative characterisation of the american "warrior" post

    what's with all this WARRIOR toss anyways

    apologies if this is sliding into a septic bash but quite frankly you deserve it


    You will write out 'I promise not to flash and bite at any more american posters' 100 times for registration tommorow Mr gimp :lol:
  7. Unfortunately, morons like A_D (who we now believe to be a trolling imposter, helps to foster the generalised image. That, IMO, is his objective.
  8. I might have to revise my original characterization of your comments from "ignorant of the subject" to just simple "pig-ignorant, gratuitously offensive attitude".

    As to the "Warrior" crap, I have to say I'm not particularly happy with the word, either. Used to be that the American Code of Conduct began, "I am an American Fighting Man, serving in the forces which guard my country and our way of life...." but then it was decided that "Fighting Man" slighted all those women now serving, can't have that now, can we? So it's just "American"...well there are plenty of Americans but not that many of them wear the uniform...Can't say "American soldier"...I'm a Marine, I'm not a soldier. 'Course I can't just say "Marine" because my point applies to good folks I've run into in all the services. Which I suppose, leaves me with the admittedly unfortunate word, "warrior". I suppose "service personnel" might work as well, though a bit of a dry, bureaucratic term I dislike.

    As for "deserving it", I'm not sure what I did to tie your knickers in a twist on a personal level, save perhaps for the grave offense of being a "bloody colonial"--on a more generalized level, while American *service personnel* (happy now?) are capable of nasty, offensive behavior, I've noticed in my time lurking around this board that your avg. Brit is quite capable of being nasty little offensive pieces of work themselves. :roll:

    Do have a nice day. :)

  9. This thread is about ARRSE making it onto the news and the public finally being able to hear the squaddies feelings on matters which affct them. A_D is a troll who has purposely taken this and many other threads off topic just to get some of the attention his mother never gave him. you my colonial friend ar helping him by replying to matters totally unrelatd to the thread. Now either ignor him or fcuk off to another board.

    edited to add - could a MOD please delete the off topic posts by the two trolls and my own and gt this topic back on thread as it actually had the chance of being a good one and giving arrse the credit it deserves. Maybe when other journos see th good comments that come out when thy report the real stuff from this site a few more may start.
  10. Awww feel the love. C'mon guys kiss and make up :D Yank, I can't speak for the gimp, but the stereotype of the septics is all that gung-ho stuff, which does stick in my throat sometimes. Having said that, I too feel a sense of pride for my country, and admire those who feel the same way. Gimp, Yank does seem like a nice bloke, most Americans are like that, its just some naming no names, who are muppets :D

    Lets get back on track, well done to awol for expressing it so well: Lies, damned lies, statistics,MOD Press Statements
  11. So ARRSE gets on BBC news, hits on ARRSE go up (?) and to all those enlightening themselves with the forums they discover serving or ex-serving personel too busy bashing someone fishing for bites and generally just stirring anti-septic feelings (tbh, I've done it myself)
    It is no doubt a good thing that there is now exposure in the media of ARRSE, however I am worried that the bbc have presented a slightly biased view (having read the various threads). They are also at risk of quoting various trolls like A_D and the responses to those. Knowing how low the occasional journalist can go (in no way implying the bbc would resort to such tatics), these trolls could be an attempt to stir up quotable anti-septic, anti-mod or anti-government posts. There are easily enough of these based on reasoned debate which would be advantageous for the mod or general public to be aware of without backlashing against inappropriate posts and threads
  12. Edited after reading sky monkeys response. Your absolutely right, should have read previous posts.

    Rant owing to combination of liquid lunch (more than one I can tell you) and my hatred of Spams. Anger just boiled over.

  13. Edited because DM said sorry!
  14. Aw, it was just starting to get good as well.
  15. Interesting choice of name dominus, latin I suspect for... :roll:

    anyway, surely those clever chappies at Qinetiq can come up with some sort of hunter-killer software for these ever present bloody trolls...