American Words...

I love the US, and I like (most) Americans that I've met, but some of the words they come out with...

On TV recently I've heard:

  • Adventuresome
  • Musicality
  • Burglarising (my personal favourite - will they follow it up with 'smugglerising'?)

Got any you want to add to the list?
Bill Connelly once mentioned on 'Parky' about a building in LA with a 'Vomitorium',might have been a hospital.


Just sayin'
I'll just leave this here
Well, duh!
Honor, glamor etc
Sports, fuck me that fucking winds me up, yet they seem to think it's clever to say math Cunt's should all be killed!
de-barking instead of our disembarking

Transports instead of our Troopships
misunderestimated - I think that was Pres Bush. But he did a few if i remember correctly.
Somebody at work 'diarized' an appointment the other day. Apparently it means to put an appointment in the diary.

I think I may just 'ostracize' him. That means I am going to put him in an ostrich.
Fags and butts are linked in both languages - but with totally different meanings.

And I absofuckinglutely detest the US use of booty.
Oh i had forgot about fags. Years ago remember asking some one in a Bar in Miami could i bum a fag. Funny looks all round before realising what i said.
Should we not be talking about American woyrds?

Not a word but a phrase "Who would have thunk it".

Discuss. But some how I think Shakespeare would have approved.

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