American Warrior: A Combat Memoir of Vietnam by Gen Bahnsen


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I've read it. A very good read if you enjoy military biogs about lunatics. I don't think he is a walt - Storming Norman wrote a foreword and I don't think he would endorse a walt.
Definitely not a walt. I Googled him and found, amongst other things, this:

Article by him in Parameters (US Army War College publication), with short bio at end:

Brigadier General John C. “Doc” Bahnsen (USMA, 1956), who retired in 1986 after over 30 years of service, has known many command sergeants major. He spent his last eight years of duty at brigade, division, corps, and army level. He commanded a platoon, troop, and squadron in combat, and a platoon, company, battalion, and brigade in Germany or the United States. He was an Assistant Division Commander of the 2d Armored Division, Chief of Staff of the Combined Field Army in Korea, and Chief of Staff of III Corps at Fort Hood. He was wounded during each of his two tours in Vietnam and wears a Distinguished Service Cross and five Silver Stars among numerous decorations.

Remember "troop" and "squadron" in US Army cavalry terms are equivalent to squadron and regiment in the British Army.

His DSC citation can be found in here:

and here:

and here is the citation for one of his Bronze Stars:

and his five Silver Stars:

and three DFCs:

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