American wanting to move to UK

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by semper, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. on another tack after my Emigrate or Stay thread.
    i ahve been seeing trends for Famous American wanting to move to the UK , Caprice Bourett
    Caprice says:
    and many other like Madonna

    so do any americans here wish or had thought of moving to the UK or know of someone who is interested.
    why ? whats the attraction ? is there any obstacle that you have to go through ?

    many Brits come over to the US for lifestyle and you have plenty of room !
    i don't think we could take all americans if they wanted to come over here tho :lol:
  2. I can tell you from my point of view. I've loved the UK since I was a child. In school, when the teacher would say draw the flag, I didn't draw the American flag, I drew the Union Jack. I love all the royalty aspect of the country. The amount of history in the UK is mind blowing, compared to the US. I've been to the UK a total of 7 times and would really like to retire there.

    The people, as a whole, are nicer then American's, there are miles of unspoiled countryside. The mountains of Wales are beautiful. The pubs are wonderful to go too; not just drinking dens, like here, but a fun time.

    Now, if I could just find that brit lass...
  3. Let's see move to a country where I have to give up my guns, pay more for gas and am taxed for breathing....

    Ah NO I'll stay here in sunny Florida.

    But it is no surprise that Californians want to move to the UK. It is a historically rice and lovely country and is not a lifestyle change (see my reasons for not moving) for them; just an even trade minus the sunshine, mudslides and earthquakes of course.
  4. I second all that. Plus London was just ranked the third most expensive city in the world to live in.

    "It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." :D
  5. Yes, but that is London. There are plenty of other cities and areas in the UK which do not cost as much.
  6. Where is that Phil; living in a carvan like some sort of pikey is not what I consider low cost housing....besides the US South has the world market cornered on inovation and design of trailers. And we speak with an exotic dialect, why move to the UK just move to the South.
  7. Well, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs has posted these Hazard Warnings for Australians travelling in Britain and I suppose that they could be equally applied to Americans.

    1. Being caught at a brawl at the soccer.

    2. Starving in London, the world's third most expensive city.

    3. Serial Killers.

    4. Frost Bite.

    5. Warm beer and pub meals.

    6. The Loch Ness Monster.

    7. Being hit by a double-decker bus.

    8. Mad cow disease.

    There are more, but that will do for starters.
  8. Why in the name of God would you want to live in the UK? Chavs, dole scroungers and soap dodgers, laws which protect the criminals and hinder the police, disease ridden hospitals run by accountants, Illegal immigrants abusing the health and welfare systems, illegal immigrants being abused by criminals, filthy streets, gypoes and pikeys, a PC society where they make up the rules as they go along, no f*cking dentists, EU interference, close to France......f*ck the list could go on.

    Ever asked yourself why so many of us are glad to see the back of it and live elsewhere?

    If I never went back it would be too soon. STay where you are an count your blessings.
  9. there are worse countries, also maybe England has something that US lacks and vice versa depending on what you are looking for.
    also a lot of Americans actually moved to the UK, so there must be something.
    the question is directed to the Americans on the forum , not British members, Biscuits_AB
  10. I'm with ctauch, the southern US is the place to be.

    Mom/sis/cousin, gets me 'nother beer!
  11. Well being a Canadian and having had the chance to live in Canada, America and presently living in England. I would have to say that they all have thier positives you just have to find what that is where ever you go.
    Though it seems they are few and far in between in England, I belive people from North America are used to a certain way of life which is harder to find in England. The it is atainable to find some happiness over here on this island.

    Cheers 2CB
  12. (Note: the below answer might go a long way toward validating ctauch's point about California... :) )

    I'm in the process of emigrating to England as we speak, to marry the Tankie. We both agree that we might move back to the States eventually. But at this juncture it's not likely. We are both quite content to stay in England for good if there is no truly compelling reason to come back here (f'rinstance, a $300K strategy position in my very competitive industry!).

    Things I love about England:

    1. The general quality of life — the fact that infrastructure issues for the whole have been addressed.

    People complain about the "nanny state," but I believe that its good points are underappreciated. I often wonder if folks that complain have ever lived in a Darwinian society where NOBODY that can't help themselves is helped. As far as I know, there aren't homeless veterans setting up tent cities in UK beach towns simply because they have no choice! Almost everything is clean. Even London is cleaner than Santa Monica. And I live in the second-wealthiest city in America, for Chrissake.

    Health care, retirement, etc. are only guaranteed if you can pay here. Lost your savings in an Enron-type collapse? Got cancer and no insurance company will take you, so you have to pay $135 a day out-of-pocket for treatment, but you're too sick to work? You're on your own here, babe...and if you've ever been on the bad end of it, believe me, you'd be willing to overlook a few dole-addicts for a semblance of security.

    Socialized health care? Even with private insurance I still have to wait a month to see a doctor, so what's the difference? Except that I'm paying out of pocket for the privilege? :evil:

    2. The mindboggling sense of history everywhere you look. I could spend days just roaming from town to town, looking at buildings and old churches. It's awe-inspiring.

    3. The distinctive beauty of the land. I'm drawn to its Phil306, I always have been.

    4. The close proximity to other countries and cultures, for travel. We're pretty much landlocked here. And you know what Americans that don't travel are like.

    5. The near-total absence of religious dogma in everyday life.

    6. The overall perception (and yes, there's always exceptions) that people in the UK are friendlier and/or more sincere. At least if somebody's telling you that you're a to$$er, you know where you stand.

    7. Pub culture. 'Nuff said.

    Certainly it's no utopia. For instance, yes, high taxes suck. But I'm willing to cut my losses on this one too...I'm already being anally brutalized by the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board here as it is. Tankie and I once figured out that we're getting about the same percentage of taxes taken out of our paychecks per year. And what am I getting for it? A few highway resurfacing projects? Public school systems with bathrooms that are so bad, they were actually condemned by the city one year? I like working hard, and I'm willing to pay my share — but, to bite a line from Pulp Fiction, I don't like getting screwed by anybody but Mr. Yank.

    Speaking of which :lol: we want to start a family soon, and that's the real clincher. I feel that, in England, I will be able to send my child to a local school without the attendant fears I have here (drugs, guns, gangs, etc)...without having to shell out $7K a year per kid for a private school.

    All of the above is, of course, subject to debate. Considering how Biscuits_AB feels about the UK, it's clearly a matter of perspective!

    Phil306: If I meet any nice girls that aren't already squaddie-bait (like yours truly? 8O ) I shall refer them on to you!

    (edited because I can't count...another product of the L.A. Unified School District. :twisted: )
  13. IrishGuard, speaking of serial killers, does the name Ivan Milat ring a bell?
  14. The south, ok, maybe so in the south housing prices, etc are cheaper. Here, where I live, it isn't the case. I live in the SF Bay Area. The average cost for a home is over half a million dollars. Remind you of what I just said: The AVERAGE cost of a home. I have just purchased a 1400 sq ft townhome, in Dublin; one bedroon, one den, 2.5 baths. It was over a half a million dollars. For ME, where I live, a home in the countryside of England is cheap. DIRT CHEAP.

    In 9 yrs, when I retire, I will make approximately 80 thousand a year; roughly 60 thousand pounds. Without ever having to work again. EVER. So, if I buy a decent home in the country side, paid for, what other bills will I have? Easy living as far as I am concerned.

    I like the laid back lifestyle of England. The quiet, the calm of the country side. The people, the mountains and, above all else, it will allow me to begin a whole new life. It is my dream to move there and retire.

    The south, to ME, sucks. I was stationed in Camp Lejuene for many years. I have traveled to the south of the US and I can't stand it there. Racism, bigotry, backward thinking. Mosquito's, humidity, in breeding, etc. No thanks. The south is not meant for me.
  15. The north of England is a damm fine place to live. I live in Preston, Lancashire. We have very mild winters and lovely warm summers. We don't get hose pipe bans or massive floods either. The Pennine moors are 15 minuites away and the mountains of Cumbria 40 minutes.
    Manchester and Liverpool rate a paltry train journey of less than an hour if you need to see any big gigs or just want to see some large buildings. We are also closer to Scotland and Wales than London and have a cost of living a fraction of that of the capital. The large and the short of it is that if you choose to live in London you will almost certainly get locked into a horrific debt cycle (of which I have seen several ex-forces friends extract themselves with just their shirt left on their backs), become landlocked by the M25 and never see anywhere beyond 50 miles of our nations capital.
    In short, Live in the north. The beer's alot better too.