American "Walt" caught on video

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Virgil, May 23, 2006.

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  1. This idiot claimed to be a Ranger wounded in Iraq. Problem was his photo showed the wrong battalion crest on his beret, no authorized t-shirt, sleeves roled up like a Marine, beret improperly worn (according to US Army standards) and that's just at a glance. He's been 'uncovered' at blogs like Hot Air. Claims to have gotten stabbed many times, ' picked' for Ranger school, killed scores of Iraqis, recieved the Bronze Star and so on.

    Here is the Video Link to his 'interview' by Iraqi Veterans Against the War. It's a bit long, but man what b*lls.
  2. He had a profile at Mil.Com claiming 2 Combat Action Badges, 2 Combat Infantry Badges, 3 Combat jump stars on his Parachutist wings, Special Forces , Ranger qualifications, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart Medal & finally and curiously a Pistol Marksman Badge-all this in 2 years service. 3/75 Rangers were at Ft. Benning , Ga. at the time he claims he was with them in Fallujah. Funny thing was he had his Beret pulled "French" style. He may face prosecution for various charges.
  3. I saw someone had a screenshot they'd saved of it. Quite a feat for someone with 2 years, h*ll he ought to be a CSM by now.

    I saw a few 'French' or 'pizza man' styles when the changeover to berets for legs happened, funny as hell. Then I went to a leg unit for the first time in my life. :(
  4. Oh what a tool, he claims in an Interview in an Arizona paper to have been shot in the back with an M16 while clearing Republican Guardsman out of Baghdads Underground tunnel complexs & to have been stitched back up by a Canadian Nurse.
  5. Reminds me of this guy that was part of Cindy Sheehan's entourage. An anti-war "veteran" who wrote a book where he "confessed" to murdering civilians while in the USMC in Fallujah. It was later revealed that he'd not only never been in Fallujah, he'd never been in Iraq, or even in the USMC, or ANY branch of the military. I don't remember where I read that, but I'll post it if I find the article.
  6. That was so painful to watch, I couldn't get past about five minutes into the 20 minute video.

  7. I want to know where I can get a set of those eyebrows?

    Watched about fi-fi-fi-five minut-t-t-t-es of it. Hope he m-m-m-meet-t-t-ts a ranger on the street. Make a twenty minute movie of that, oh how we would laugh, one and all!
  8. Have you seen the waxing scene in The 40yr Old Virgin? :D

    Alternatively, he may have stolen them from Bert from Sesame Street.
  9. Is there another link for the video? Says it's been removed.

    T C
  10. Go to; they're the ones who produced it. On a side note it seems that after numerous Soldiers contacted the variety of moonbat organizations showing this, many have realized they had been had & have pulled it. Someday soon no doubt jesse will meet a real Ranger(Now that a vid I'd like to see).
  11. Ha Ha, read the first comment on that site...... Classic :lol:

  12. Its been removed !!!!!! :eek:
  13. LOL. Not exactly a friendly and inviting bunch over there are they? See the post by a supportive but newbie civilian who gets flamed anyway. Having worked with them in the past I have to admit a good chuckle or two when the black to tan beret fiasco happened.

    Apparently our Ranger-Hero has several warrants out for his arrest.