American Volunteer Group 777 USSR WWII?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Trip_Wire, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I have never heard this story before. Has anyone else here?

    American Volunteer Group 777

    We've all heard of the Fighting Tigers, the American Volunteer Group (AVG), who fought in China prior to and during WWII.

    Did you know about another American Volunteer Group (AVG), The Triple 7's, who fought for the Soviet Union during WWII?

    Click on this Link for more info on the Triple Seven:

    Link to article:
  2. New to me. Heard of the Flying Tigers though.
  3. Thanks Trip very good link. All new to me.
  4. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    After an depth look around the website, I'm wondering if is for real! :?

    It almost looks like it was set up for a game. I can't seem to google up any data on such a unit in WWII. :roll:
  5. Check the ROE section and all sections after , ONLINE GAMING
  6. About four years ago we had four of the remaining five surviving Flying Tigers come to to Chiang Mai.
    They had paid for a memorial to be erected in the Foreigners cemmatary from their remaining funds to commemorate one of their number shot down during a raid on the jap held CM airfield.
    After the dedication service in the graveyard, one elderly Tiger approached one local and asked do you know a Major Hudson ?
    Yes thats Roy the guy over their with the row of medals.
    Oh he's not a violent man is he ?
    Roy no, very nice chap, why is there a problem ?
    Well I've never met him as a person but last time we MET I strafed his column on the banks of the Sittang River in August 45.
    Last time the two old warriors where seen they where arms around the others shoulder steadily demolishing a liter of Scotland's finest.
  7. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    Great story! :lol:
  8. Need to do some more thorough reading next time trip lol
  9. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    True! I suspected it might not be true, thats why I posted a question mark on the title. I was looking for people that might have heard something about the group. I had never heard anything about it before. :roll:

    Although many here didn't catch it either, as a lot of the pages looked pretty good and the story seemed plausible, especially given the 'Flying Tigers.'

    In any case, some of the pictures, 'skin colors' and drawings were pretty good as well.

    I got it as an e-mail and looked at the site and it looked pretty good. If I read in depth, into every military website that is sent to me I be doing nothing else for many moons. ... :wink:
  10. Trip I asked a former US Navy fighter pilot I knew about the 777 Group.
    He had not heard about them but considers it possible.
    As an aside to the story I told you, Roy Hudson who I know well also told me the rest of that day, the day down by the banks of the Sittang River.
    Post the strafing by 'Tex' the Flying tiger his men deployed their Light AA.
    .303 inch caliber Bren guns on their special vertical AA Mount.
    A second fighter came in for a run and Roy's Indian troops engaged and damaged the aircraft.
    Some hours later a RAF Hurricane pilot carring his parachute, turned up at their nights location and demanded transport back to his unit. For he had been shot down while 'strafing a jap convoy of trucks on our, western, bank of the river.'
    He was none to politely told to Offski.
  11. The AVG777 website linked above refers to a book called Cobras Over the Tundra (there is a link in the ninth paragraph). This book (also listed on amazon) is apparently about the US lend lease aircraft and the crew who flew them.

    Incidently there is another book on this subject and a good one on the US lend lease Sherman tanks in use with the Soviet Army in action in the European and Manchurian theatres called "Commanding the Red Army's Sherman Tanks" both by Dmitriy Loza.
  12. Have you not realised the whole thing is from a game, it never existed in any way shape or form?

    This unit however did exist- a Free French volunteer element of the Red Air Force:
  13. Just thought that should be made clear
  14. Bab 6,
    I have never heard of the 777 unit. I asked around and one Old Hand I know, an aviation enthusiast, was a US Navy Fighter pilot during the Korean war, flying F9F-2 Panthers, he said he had never heard of the unit but it was a possibility.
    Just recently I accompanied the Gent and some friends to the Philippines hoping to meet some of the US aviators he knew over there, however time has taken it's toll and none where around to pass on their expireances.