American Vets approve of Green Brigade anti-Poppy display

Discussion in 'US' started by RU99, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. Just wondering what anyone makes of this?

    US veterans of their countries aggressive wars have issued a statement supporting the Parkhead protest against militarism as embodies in Celtic FC's promotion of the symbol of the poppy, franchised to arms dealer British Aerospace.
    "As veterans of the current wars and active-duty service members in the U.S. military, we ...applaud the heroic actions of the anti-war activists at the Celtic game on Nov 6th.

    As soldiers, sailors, airmen/women and marines who have served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we know that there is a concerted effort to keep the reality of the wars from the public. The governments who have a stake in these wars want to keep it off the front pages; to hide the truth; to keep our suffering, and the suffering of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, in the shadows.

    They do this because if the public knew the reality of why we are fighting, and the death and destruction it causes, the people would overwhelmingly turn against it.

    But we do not have the luxury of the truth being told by our governments, by the politicians, the generals, and the media. The only way the truth is brought to light is by the actions of dedicated activists--made up of veterans, soldiers, students, teachers, workers, etc.--who use every method they have at their disposal to bring reality out of the shadows.

    We express our heartfelt gratitude to those who told the truth on Nov 6th. For too long the catastrophe of these wars has been buried--we must fight to expose it."

    Mike Prysner


    March Forward!
  2. Bunch of ******* (apologies in advance to JJH),ignorance is no excuse for this piece of drivel.

    The American Armed Forces became a voluntary thing way back in the 70's, so they don't have to go there if they don't want to, I would also suggest that before Mr Mike Prysner opens his mouth again,he reads up on his subject,or better still takes a trip around the cemeteries of France,if by then he has not been humbled,he is an even bigger fuckwit,and insults his fellow countrymen.
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  3. I am still waiting for the outrage bus.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm always impressed by the number of Vets in the US Forces - or who have claimed to have served. I'm very very suspicious - have the US Forces really got that many dogs and horses? And why would anyone want to walt it up as a Vet anyway? Do they have an entitlement to cheap Purina Rodent Chow in the PX on discharge? Are the streets of Melton Mowbray crowded, each November, by UK Vet Walts? I think not.

    Fire up ThunderWalt 1, Virgil, up up and away.................................
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  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    No they don't!

    We are a bunch of hand-wringing socialist retards and homos who would vote communist if we could be sure we wouldn't get lynched.

    Never for one second figuring that they joined the armed forces to er, go fight wars. If they wanted to stop war, they should have got into politics by the ballot box, not giving each other reach arounds in smoke-filled proletarian hovels while muttering about revolution.

    ******* seriously though: "forced participation in these howwible imperialist wars, as well as economic hardship, sexism, racism, homophobia, inadequate care"

    It reads like that fuckwit called Milli Tant out of Viz. Pseudo intelectual, pseudo Che Gevara revolutionary down to the wearing of green shit and shemaghs . . . . turds.

    It's so full of marxist schpiel and buzzwords it could have been written by someone in the 'Marxist Worker' or something. Brothers and sisters, yeah, right on, time to rise up against the oppwessah! pfffffffft, thanks for the draaaag maaaaan, yeah, what was I saying?
  6. Party for Socialism and Liberation

    Are these the spam equivilant to the MRL party? Official Monster Raving Loony Party Homepage
  7. Biped, I'd like to marry you and have your babies.
  8. I think if "JJH" saw this he would have a few well chosen words to say about this idiot, but unlike most of us on Arrse, he would not use our usual Anglo-Saxon expletives to describe him! ;-)
  9. JJH would probably have a word for these clowns. As for me, I don't have any time for turds like this. They're spewing the same kind of anti-war, anti-establishment class war doctrine that the yahoos in the 60s did during the Vietnam Conflict. I've seen it all and heard it all before. Morons like this do not deserve to live, but unfortunately they are a protected species.

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  10. Is it perhaps an alliance of ineptitude as the Septics can't write in English either?
  11. I had a run in on a firearms board yesterday. A guy had a rant about how we Brits killed women and Children and freedom fighters and we needed to be killed. I complained and got banned. The guy who banned me was called Sean. Any connection?....mmmmmm
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  12. Maybe if morons like him were listened to in the 1960's the US wuldn't of got itself in such an unwinable war. As much as I'm suspicious of his political aims, I can't get that uptight about his quote. As for him not deserving to live? Well I , my father and his father all joined the forces of this country so people could have teh right to talk bollocks.
  13. Did you really? Was that what was going through your mind when you entered the recruiting office? I'm in it for the windsurfing with Frank and the busload of nurses.
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  14. With reference to your comment Stacker, I suppose the thing about fighting for a democaracy is people do have the right to spout rubbish
  15. If you will recall, that group that John fronted for was full of walts.