american troops with AK-74?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by rabid_hamster, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. in the metro today p5 there is a picture of (I think) an american soldier armed with a AK-74? can anyone confirm its an ak-74 armed spam AND should the shoulder stock be that far off his shoulder?
    my anorak is only small and in need of enlarging.
  2. Sure its not an Iraqi ? They got old septic clobber!
  3. Yes it appears to be an AK74.

    No idea why a SPAM is holding it tho'
  4. Trying training the 'ahem' police.
  5. I love the way that the US are training the insurgents to fight against them. its a surreal world we live in.
  6. I've seen quite a few pics of our yankee cousins armed with RPGs and AK variant weapons out over there so I wouldn't be surprised.
  7. >I love the way that the US are training the insurgents to fight against them

    That way they'll know how (in)effective they are! ;-)
  8. Tim Collins said that he used captured AK-47s while he was in Iraq as the SA80 can’t be trusted to work in the sandpit.
    If some of our troops are using them, why shouldn’t the Yanks?
  9. Would the standard spam do that? Use another weapon?
    I almost expect our guys to turn up in/with whatever works best (and sod the MOD) but have never seen septics without the M16/M4 + assorted toys ... admittedly am limited to CNN/FOX/BBC/SKY coverage.
  10. Its policy mate!

    Who trained the Taliban in the 80s to fight the soviet Occupation? Our vey own SAS!

    Who paid for it? The Americans, and the the Saudi's!

    Who supplied the weapons? The Americans!

    The Taliban, and Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein would have been nothing had we not built them up in the first place!

    You see all those jobs, those lucrative directorships for ex senators and MPs, dont pay for themselves in the absence of war!
  11. Shall we ask the hundreds of millions who suffered under the Soviets whether it was quite that silly?
  12. That is off thread, surely? The soviet union didnt collapse because of Afghanistan. It would have collapsed anyway. The whole point of a cold war was to maintain a permanent status quo, a permanent military industrial complex. The strength of any civil society is in its ABILITY to wage war. If war is waged, it has failed. Unfortunately the soviets let the side down, and since then we have had a new world order, and a Pax Americana, making the world a much more uncertain place. But not for arms dealers and security experts like Sandline intl.

    War is a racket, huh, what is it good for? absolutely nothing (apart from employing millions of people)
  13. Er no, the whole point of the Cold War was to stop the Soviets dominating half the globe. A war that was won in a hundred different places by war-by-proxy.

    When the Soviets occupied half of Europe after 1945, I don't think they considered that a 'failure'. That they didn't suceed everywhere else is down to the West arming their enemies.

    And yes it is off topic, but as we are not in Current Affairs we are probably safe for now. :wink:
  14. some one been watching farenheight 911 again.
  15. Thats 'fahrenheit' Sniper, bet you're waiting until it's out on Xbox......