American torturers in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by annakey, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Robert Fisk in yesterday's Independent:

    Where are current US torture cellars in Afghanistan? That's partly a rhetorical question because it would be unwise, if morally laudable, to post the address on ARRSE. But that raises the question: what is the proper procedure should a British soldier serving in Afghanistan discover the US torturing a prisoner? Or learn from a US soldier that torture had occurred or was occurring? Or gain such intelligence from an Afghan civilian? Or find the marks of American torture on someone's body? Pass the info up the chain of command and leave it at that? Is there a written procedure? What's to stop the info from being buried?

    Because if Fisk - a respected journalist of the old school - is right, the British public needs to know about it. The Americans, as they go into an election, need to know also.

    How does the system work for reporting American torturers in Afghanistan?
  2. I know a couple of blokes who'd pay good money for that.

    Stuff like this is covered in basic training. The correct procedure is:-

    1) Locate the person in charge.
    2) Ask if any help is required in restraining the person being 'questioned'
    3) If no, arrange detainees in an interesting pile and pose for photos:-

  3. Why don't you f*ck off out there and find out.

    May I suggest you wear a large dayglo jacket with "I hate the coalition forces" written on it and stick an IR strobe to your head so that any hellfire firing choppers can spot you at night.
  4. Annakey, why not bleat all over Amir Attaran and company, you're a year behind in the trend to be a do-gooder. Already done.
  5. Annakey
    As a good Comrade, what would you have done about these lads?

    The left-leaning media in the UK (the mighty George Orwell excepted) thought they were doing the right thing. What would you have done?
  6. Thanks for that. I didn't realise the Canadians had been spilling the beans. But what about British troops? What are their formal obligations? Is it "Preserve the special relationship at all costs chaps!" I bet that's not legal.
  7. Send them for a chat and a nice cup of tea with the Padre?
  8. I think you should ride into an Afghan market place, sitting on a braying jackass, backwards, wearing a large dayglo jacket with "I support, appease and cover-up the actions of American torturers" written on it. How about that?

  9. Balls he is. Granted, he used to make reasonable sense, but now he's virtually a parody of the self-loathing western journalist, who writes articles about why John Malkovitch wants to kill him.

    My favourite Robert Fisk quote, though, is this:

    Even when he's dragged from his car by an Afghan mob, , stoned, beaten and robbed : it's still the West's fault!
  10. I would tend to agree that torturing people to death is not the ideal behaviour we expect from our forces. Savagery breeds more savagery.
  11. Accoding to an article in the Washington Post last week,the US torturing of detaines was carried out at an unamed airbase in Thailand.

    The videotape of the torture was held in the US Embassy in Bangkok and was destroyed before the then CIA station chief retired in 2005.
  12. I agree that's cringingly Hampstead liberal. Martin Amis, a loathsome but brilliant little man, reports a better approach:-

    Anyway, what about these standing instructions, if any, for British troops serving in Afghanistan to shop Septic torture Johnnies? They shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. Does esprit de corp keep them off the hook? It would be shame if _007_'s braying was permitted to drown the discussion.
  13. Cheers. All this stuff is scattered about the internet, in academic journals, charity archives, UN reports, etc. Oddly enough, Fox News researchers have failed to stitch it into a coherent narrative for prime time transmission. A further reason, perhaps, why British troops - decent people who wouldn’t 'waterboard' a hill farmer in a million years - may not feel encouraged to stick the wretched Septics in the dock.
  14. Annakey, if you want REAL torture, read 'Rack, Rope and Red-Hot Pinchers' by Geoffrey Abbott who is a Yeoman Warder (retd.)

    As you will see, the methods are definately in a class of their own.