American Taleban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabtastic, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. Oh good grief. :roll:
  2. I presume it's orange boilersuit time for this lot at Gitmo then?
  3. Only if we start seeing suicide christians blowing people up in the streets.
  4. How many members of the Taleban have been suicide bombers? Once again you're conflating the issue with something else. Troll.

    'Christian' fundamentalists aren't above bombing abortion clinics though are they?
  5. yeap, the american "pro-life" movement aren't. But, it might help to understand them if you realise that to their way of thinking, an abortion clinic is a kind of murder factory.

    I don't agree with them on how they view abortion, but i must admit i have difficulty utterly condeming them. How many of us would stand by and watch a working ethnic cleansing plant?

    (note i'm not saying bombing abortion clinic's is good and right, just trying to place the action in a context.)
  6. Like it or not, the clinics are carrying out a legal act. The crazies have no business commiting acts of violence against people going about their lawful business. One of the defining characteristics of a state (and,in juxtapositoin how we define terrorists) is that the state has the 'monopoly on the legitimate use of violence'. This means, no matter how strong your convictions are, you do not have the authority to mete justice at you discretion.

    Now you may be against abortion (I personally think that since I don't own a uterus and thus will never be in the position where I have to make such a decision, I don't get a say in the matter.) but the fact is that, despite what the crazies think, all polling suggests that around 70% of REPUBLICANS think a woman should have the right to choose. I fail to see how the move to hijack any state, no matter how retarded, and attempt to impose religious law against the wishes of the majority of its inhabitants cannot be seen to be akin to what the Taleban did.
  7. My point about christians was that as long as they didnt get violent they were free to try to acheive their goals through the political process which the Taliban didnt even try - they just took over by force of arms.
  8. By overthrowing a communist regime, like your lot asked them to. :?

    And you don't think this is a cynical subversion of the democratic process and insulting to the people of South Carolina? (Admittedly, they have a good point unless the Dixiecrats come back.)
  9. Point of order.

    T6 isn't a troll, he holds strong views on issues is all.
  10. I'm not disagreeing Crabtastic. I'm neither for nor against abortion (and i'm not american either, so their domestic issues arent of massive concern to me). I was simply trying to make thge point that if you honestly beleive it to be murder, would you give a flying if it was a legal act? If someone over here managed to legalise, say, murdering anyone under the height of 5'5" on every third tuesday and employed people to do so, would you allow it to happen on the basis that "they were going about their lawful business" and that "only the state is justified to use violence (even to prevent a wrong??) ".

    (i'm no wordsmith, so if anything i said gets missinterpretted as "i'm all for blowing up baby murdering abortionists" then i'll asume it's down to my less than perfect written language)
  11. Thanks PTP. First time I have ever been accused of being a troll. :lol:
    I dont much care for the extremists on either end of the spectrum. But no one goes to Git unless they are foreign terrorists.
    Domestic terrorists like Eric Rudolph go to prison. We are having a culture war within the US . The ACLU is attacking institutions in our society like the Boy Scouts, xmas displays to name a couple. To the left control of the courts enables liberal judges to create law that the voters would never approve. So the court battles that will take up the fall are in that context. We have city governments that try to ban smoking in your house and your car . The court just ruled that your house can be taken by a local government so they can give it to a developer because a mall or other high end development will generate more income for the locality. This too is against our values. Extremists dont fare well in the US on either end of the spectrum.
  12. Point conceded, however I will submit that his opinons are invariably based on whatever Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Scott MacLellan tell him to think rather than any reasoning process or critical analysis of information carried out by himself.
  13. Well yes and no , T6 knows how he posts , but he does make some very valid points all the same , even if sometimes, they are at variance with our own"Separated by a common language and attitude" etc

    ....and his views pale into insignificance, compared to some you'll find on . Especially from those that haven't done day one in BDU's. :D

    As I say , it's the combining of Mission and troop support , something in the UK we have no problem separating to a large extent. Especially when we percieve flaws in the "Mission" on the US side.
  14. And a fcuking great big ocean, thank Christ.

    They've all done plenty of time in BDUs. Airsoft and Paintballing granted, but at least they get dressed up for the occassion. A lot of them are busy with their 'militias' getting ready to repel the UN in their black helicopters too. incidentally, can someone please explain to me why the fcuk they get cammed up like Chuck Norris to go a huntin' when they know they have to wear a day-glo orange vest over the top?

    As I say , it's the combining of Mission and troop support , something in the UK we have no problem separating to a large extent. Especially when we percieve flaws in the "Mission" on the US side.[/quote]

    Disappearing off the subject of the thread here, but does any ideas why we can do this in the UK, but many in the US seem incapable?